Audible brings you exclusive and original content coupled with an unparalleled listening experience. All of these productions began with placing audio at the forefront, from first conception to the final edits. We have worked with some of the best actors out there and partnered with some outstanding cultural institutions to create something truly unique for you.

Starring Douglas Booth and Miriam Margolyes

Meet Jonah, a man born without a stitch to his name who rises out of poverty to become one of the most powerful cloth merchants in London. With over 50 narrators featuring in this audio drama, this epic 14th century tale will take you from the streets of Cheapside to the royal residences of the King of England.

Welcome to the Orient Express, my friend

Join us on board and experience a journey like no other in Agatha Christie’s most famous murder mystery, performed by an all-star cast and available exclusively at Audible. Meet the voices behind this dazzling Audible Original and enter Poirot’s world of intrigue, misdirection and murder. Learn more

Mulder and Scully are back...

Out of the ashes of the Syndicate a new and more powerful threat has emerged for the division. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson star in this electrifying follow-up to The X-Files: Cold Cases. Demonic possession. Flesh-eating swarms. Mind-altering hallucinogenic trips. Listeners are in for quite a ride...

An original re-telling of a timeless tale.

It's a stellar line-up that won't fail to entertain in this original dramatisation: BAFTA-nominated actress Catherine Tate, Owen Teale (Game of Thrones), Daniel Mays (Rogue One) and Philip Glenister (Outcast). Treasure Island has entertained generation after generation with it's tales of adventure on the high seas since it's original publication in 1881. And now we are proud to present Audible's own version of a much-loved story.

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Narrated by the award-winning actor Martin Sheen, we are introduced in intimate detail to the experiences of the Americans fighting the second world war from the home front in this original series. Wartime brought immediate and life-changing shifts, from the rationing of butter to the new confusion over women's role society. This is an unforgettable history lesson in a war that had effects that reached far beyond the battlefields.

Part I of the X-Files dramatisations

Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, it's time to dig your 'I Want to Believe' poster out of the cupboard. Break out that makeshift alien stiletto and grab a pack of Morley cigarettes because the series that had a whole generation looking to the sky is back in this breathtaking audio dramatization. And David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, stars of the hit TV series, are back as FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

The second instalment is here...

In this multi-cast sequel to Audible Original's Alien: Out of the Shadows, performances from stars including Anna Friel and Philip Glenister bring this terrifying dramatization to life. Set after Ellen Ripley's return to Earth, the story follows the storm-swept planet of Acheron, now protected by Colonial Marines but rife with political struggles. When Weyland-Yutani scientists are posted, they have another more sinister agenda – to covertly capture a living alien. Then there's the discovery of a decaying spaceship... Download now

In space, no one can hear you scream

Starring Rutger Hauer, Matthew Lewis, Corey Johnson and Kathryn Drysdale, this production marks a new chapter in the Alien franchise and is based on the original novel by award-winning author Tim Lebbon. 'The Alien universe is so well known, it was great to become a part of that... it's a gripping thriller set in a dangerous environment and combines popular characters such as Ripley with new names.' - Matthew Lewis, voice of Baxter (Harry Potter, The Syndicate)

'An unexpected gem' - Audible customer review

Dennis E. Taylor's science fiction novels have generated something of a cult following. But then again, when a story this compelling and entertaining is narrated by one of all time greats, Ray Porter, it is easy to understand why the Bobiverse series has become so popular. Bob Johansson is looking forward to a life of leisure after selling his company so it's a little unfair when he dies crossing the street. He wakes up a century later in a whole different world...

'Definitely one to listen to with the lights on'

This chilling thriller from Berlin International Film Festival winner Ivar Leon Menger stars Callum Blue, Anastasia Griffith and Marc Warren, drawing influences from Poltergeist, Stand By Me and E.T. Still reeling from a sudden and profound family tragedy, Sheriff Cody uproots his son and daughter from the chaos of Orlando to begin a new, more relaxed life in the Beaver State. Soon after their arrival however, this new-found tranquility is disturbed by a succession of brutal but mysterious deaths...