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By Ted on 28-09-14

Can't imagine a more enjoyable James

I'm far from a Henry James fan, and friends who claim (or let's be honest, boast) that they read him for enjoyment have always struck me as liars; even his much revered "Turn of the Screw" seems absurdly overrated. But "The Aspern Papers" is sort of fun, especially if you've ever dreamed of discovering some unknown literary manuscript by a writer you idolize. It's also genuinely suspenseful and -- thanks to its secluded, decaying Venetian setting -- richly atmospheric. All of which makes it the only James I've read that I actually liked. (P.S. One thing that bothered me, this time around, was wondering where and how the three main characters got their meals. Like a lot of mundane details, it's left unexplained.)

Robin Field's performance is practically flawless (i.e., I think it was literally twice, in this entire novella, that I felt he'd emphasized the wrong word in a sentence). He's come up with precisely the right voice and accent for the narrator -- snobby, fussy, sensitive, a bit precious, slightly quavering, definitely low on testosterone -- and is especially skillful in his renditions of the two female characters; one of them is very old, and Field gets her cracked voice perfectly, never overdoing it, never making us wince. His brilliant reading really pulled me out of modern-day Manhattan (even its subways) and made for an extremely pleasant four hours.

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