Europe Since 1815, Volume 3

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3 out of 5 stars
By Yafim on 22-07-09

Interesting, but full of mistakes

Although the book is interesting to listen to, it is full of mistakes and inaccuracies. Just a few I have caught:
1) Lenin's first name is "Vladimir", not "Nicolas";
2) Karl Marx indeed was born into a Jewish family, but "Jewish Protestant family"??? What exactly is this??
3) Radiation of atoms due to electron moving between energy states is NOT radioactivity!!

And there are more.

May be good for someone who already knows some stuff, and may want to connect the points. Otherwise - find some more reliable source.

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3 out of 5 stars
By A. on 25-02-17

When was this written?

Good luck figuring out when these volumes were written. As a history of Europe this is a fairly good overview, but it is tinged with the prejudices of the age in which the authors wrote it. Some statements jar a little on the ears of a 21st century listener and not just because the narrator is truly awful. It would help to know in which era the historian lived to sort out why something might sound wrong, biased, or outdated. Nowhere in the entry for this product does the date of publication appear. A search on the internet turned up a 1947 copyright, and the author apparently died in 1959. There is no evidence of updated editions, yet the final chapter contains references to the end of the Cold War and other late 20th century events. Students of history need to know the basic details of publication to decide whether to buy this product or not so if you are that serious about understanding the facts, be aware.

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