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4 out of 5 stars
By Sara on 05-01-12

Very enjoyable.

I have only read one of Brysons books before and found this to be in the same lighthearted, yet educational style. Had me chuckling outloud.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Andy on 29-03-17

decent enough, but this has dated!

Would you listen to Neither Here nor There again? Why?

No.I loved Notes from a Small Island the moment I picked it up. For a while back in the mid '90s I couldn't get enought Bryson. Listening to this audio book of Neither Her nor There brought a lot of pleasant memories back, but it also showed it as a somewhat dated "Daily Mail Reader Tours Europe" (even though he hates the Daily Mail). I think the somewhat irritating tones of the narrator (William Roberts) didn't help things here. My wife couldn't bear to listen to it. There seemed to be way too many antagonistic remarks about pretty much any country/people (which I know is somewhat the point), but it rather undid all it's good work some 20 years later and I began to wonder why the hell he bothered travelling at all, if he felt this way? Funny though it still is in large parts, it has a mildly icky undertaste that's a little patronising by the standards of 2017

What other book might you compare Neither Here nor There to, and why?

Notes from a Small Island - similar vintage Bryson. The Road to Little Dribbling - more contemporary, if slightly less funny

Did William Roberts do a good job differentiating each of the characters? How?

Not really many characters to speak of. Even so, his tone is a bit whiny and I think this dragged the funnier elements of the book down, making it sound like an American-knows-best kind of rant.

Any additional comments?

Remarking on all the bare-breasted women sunning themselves in parks might be the kind of comment made by middle-aged men (or teenagers) to their friends (in private, without being mic'd up) but devoting a vast chunk of a chapter of a book to it borders on the embarassing

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3 out of 5 stars
By David on 08-07-16

Was thinking of stoppong half way through

Would you try another book written by Bill Bryson or narrated by William Roberts?

No, although I liked some of the humour and the sarcasm, the narration was so annoying.

Any additional comments?

Althoug the book is about stereotypes, unfortunately a lot of them are very outdated. Woman in germany dont shave under the armpits? Split a stinking city, Sofia communistic....didnt want to make the effort to see Cologne after first impression, but went back in Itaky to the same poor city and walked through it.

Got into way too many details at times. I enjoyed the hunour and sarcasm in some parts and then was about to stop when I listened for 5 minutes about some unnecessary details. Could have been half the size the book.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Danielle on 25-03-15


I loved 'notes from a small island' so thought I would enjoy thus. it was OK, it passed the time, but I was left feeling that someone who may have got more out of it should have taken the European trip. he was just passing the time and seemed not to enjoy it. although I did enjoy the northern lights at the beginning I otherwise found the whole trip uninspiring.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Mub on 19-10-11

Hilariously discriptive and Brilliant

Bill has a great expressive word power. He describes the situations, people and places with brilliance. His descriptive account of European travels creates an enjoyable picture to the listeners. I enjoyed the audio and got hooked on it.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Agatha on 21-02-18

Europe- More Blissful Travel

As I get older and due to restricted movement, my adult years of travel have come to end. This new chapter of my journey I hate with avengence. When I was able to travel, I rarely read travel books as I was too busy doing my own travel with my own many adventures. Now I copiously read/listen to travel books to satisfy my hunger.
Bill Bryson is my saviour and medicine.
This book covers many places I have visited in Europe. It is so beautifully descriptive of local customs of past and present, the people, the scenery, the good and the bad of travel and has so much belly laughter humour.
This trip is ideal for anyone wanting to visit Europe with Bill Bryson - it’s another great journey...thanks Bill

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