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3 out of 5 stars
By Jim "The Impatient" on 10-12-11

Mary Renault is better

This reads like something Mary Renault would write and she would do a better job.

The story is based on probably the oldest known story ever written. That alone makes it interesting. It is the story of a King from his childhood to late adulthood. Like all Silverberg books the prose is good. RS is one of the more talented writers around. It is written in first person by the King. As a youth he is confused over all the religious rituals and little is done to explain them to him. He learns as he goes. He grows up in the story and he becomes what he thinks is nearly a God. He is big and strong and he sleeps with several women a night (It's good to be the King).

Though there are lots of demons and such mentioned in the story, we see through his adventures how these are just how they explain anything they do not understand. We also see how Kings do not have all the power as they must deal with the priests and the priestess and what the people expect. Though the main character thinks he is a God, he is very human in his thoughts and even though I did not like the main character, I have no doubt this was what he was like in real life and how I would probably be under the same circumstances.

I gave this 3 stars, some four and five star RS books would be: AT Winter's End, The Word Inside and Downward To Earth.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer on 20-02-18

You need to now what will you be listening to

This book is talking about gilgamesh as a deceived human not as a god, i loved it but I felt betrayed by the story ,yes it takes the milestones in his life but the book gives it as it really (possibly) went,so when you buy the book you have to now that you’re not going to hear about gilgamesh the god but you will hear about gilgamesh the king

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5 out of 5 stars
By susan on 06-07-17


great story made modern and understandable. good read, may want to listen again and again.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Krissy on 25-03-16


a beautifully put together book all of different sources to complete one amazing autobiography type feel to this ancient story. Gilgamesh is and always will be one of the best Tales to come from Sumer and related areas. I have been blown away by this book!

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2 out of 5 stars
By Lizzie Askew on 15-03-14

Terrible narration kept me from getting far

Any additional comments?

Really. The narration is awful. In an odd way. The breathy, whimsical, "poetry reading" sort of way the narrator read was not only annoying, but totally distracting from what might have been a very good story. The man had a kind of high pitched voice and took a really outlandish approach to his reading. The author has some great works out there, and the original epic of Gilgamesh can be a very cool story too If you understand the contextual undercurrent and popular innuendos and story telling styles of the times in which it was written. Just couldn't get through more than a couple chapters with this narrator though. Not good.

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