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5 out of 5 stars
By Allan on 30-11-13

How did we get here? Your education begins here.

What did you love best about Willing Accomplices?

The work gives the reader a fine overview of the roots of the otherwise inexplicable "politically correct" theme currently eating away at the fabric of the nation.

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5 out of 5 stars
By George on 24-10-14

This explains today's "progressives"

If you've wondered what Hillary meant when she described herself as a "progressive" in the mold of early 20th century "progressives", this is a must listen!
If you don't like the direction that our government is taking us, this is a must listen!
If you wonder where our education system gets its idiotic ideas, this is a must listen!
It takes a village. Total subjugation of the masses is the goal - collectivism is the kinder gentler term.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Eric A. Williams on 20-10-15


In concept, this book represents a very interesting topic. In practice, this book represents an extreme caricature of American conservatism. I cannot speak to the accuracy of content but it's primarily personal conjecture rooted in skewed source data.

I suppose this book represents a side of propaganda battle, though it comes off as propaganda itself.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Neal on 16-04-18

Interesting, but surprisingly ignorant of the WHOLE truth behind America's embracing of 'PC' as title implies.

I respect this man for doing such extensive research to discover and present for those who pickup or listen to this book about How the KGB covert influenced American political correctness. I have written an email to this author after finding his website to request further dialogue on what I feel he completely overlooked, left out, missed, or just didn't bother to consider just to make his very (at times) overly pretentious and lopsided point of view. He has firmly and unequivocally placed the blame for the dumbing down, racial inequality, and all things that someone of my age, which happens to be about the same age at this author, from how great this country and its general population once were to the apathetic, moronic, and completely clueless generations running things in America starting in force during the 1960s and expanding into full blown brainwashing in the 1980s by the US government, Hollywood, and all things taught in our private and public schools, our inherit racial differences as divisive ammunition to prevention of American unity, and all news media.

However, he left out so much else that has been corrupted in this country by his books demonstration. He never mentions any of the following as being part and parcel to the destruction of America by the KGB or any other entity. This left out of his book are these MANY major institutions. Never presented, much to my surprise and disappointment, were all forms of the Christian faith being altered, alteration of all things religious based in schools, the government and in the media. He left out the overwhelming obviousness of Hollywood to brainwash or force all Americans and those outside this country to believe by our movies and TV programs that homosexuality, profanity, bullying, gross stupidity, and murder are ALL accepted here in this country. EXCEPT no murdering of convicted pedophiles or convicted murders with the repeal of the death h penalty in nearly every state. Long before that was the repeal and removal of what used to be referred to in term s of a prison sentence as in this example. 20 years of Hard Labor. Now, his country complains of prison overcrowding, but every convicted gets FREE meals. FREE medical care, FREE us of exercise equipment, the Internet, and Cable TV. Which to me is an insult to all who fought and died to make this country once a great nation where those who worked and did their best were rewarded. While those who did little or chose criminal paths were punished to Mach the nature of their crimes. And he NEVER ONCE mentions why highly rated and generally accepted TV programming and limitations were NEVER an issue until someone CHOSE to make it an issue WHO had enough POWR & INFLUENCE to cause ripples into the news media, then into government by payoffs and backdoor deals to push through these many so called 'PC' agendas this book is SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT. Yet NONE are mentioned! Why?

This author repeats and repeats himself so many times I thought I had mistakenly gone back a few chapters and was hearing the same thing again. But NO! This author consistently pounds on the same several 'nails' of this KGB influenced coffin of influence he has decide is at the heart of American stupidity, complacency, and younger generations ignorance. He mentions that beginning a the turn of the 20th century, Lennon began a program to destroy America from within. I AGREE! He further indicates that because of all the seeds planted back in the early 1900s, America wound up electing Obama as president as proof positive just how far America and its people have had their minds altered. I AGREE! His book came out before Trumps election. I wonder what he might be thinking of that, or would we have been better with a KNOWN TRAITOR in the guise of Hillary Clinton? We've had traitors ALL since the end of the Reagan presidency through the end of Obama's traitorous presidency giving aid and comfort to ALL Americas enemies foreign and domestic. While APOLOGIZING for how the USA has conducted itself on the world stage. He did such a great job, multi TRILLION dollar debt he inherited was DOUBLED! And how much did the American people in need see if that? NOT ONE PENNY!

But the really disappointment of this book was his total disregard for the brainwashing of the American People by Big Banks, Big Business, and the Pharmaceutical Industry. He never ONCE mentioned China or India in his outpouring of historical processes and factual accounts and actions by these Russian Accomplices. Why? Russia doesn't own the USA...China and India own the USA. And because of the American government's knowingly aiding and abetting foreign banks as well as its own stupidity in the cessation of using Gold as the basis for ALL money created for ALL purposes has created the world global Ponzi Scheme with America at its HUB. Never can America repay all or even most of what it owes to other nations, yet its US population of those neither rich nor poor that pays for those ever increasing towers in the Arab Empirates such as Dubai. Or ALL the modernization and new millionaire playgrounds in all of China's provinces. While the standard of living for the typical Chinese person living outside these overpopulated cities has not gone up and they are ALL still treated horribly. Same in India. Rey few changes in their Caste system has occurred. And in the Middle Eastern nations. Gasoline is .10 per gallon, but only the rich Shield or drug lords can afford decent automobiles. Women are treated as they have ALWAYS been treated....as property. Yet, this author who starts of by telling us how his childhood and younger days were filled with a despicable father, his own forays into drugs and alcohol, dropping out of college. Then miraculously his life is turned around after joining the Air Force. While this author was doing all these horrible things, then joining the Air Force during a time of peace. I at the same age was NOT having horrible parents. I PAID my OWN way for College and graduated with a BA in Classical Music. Yet HE counts himself very skilled at being streetwise and is approached by the CIA. I had to learn nearly everything about everything and everyone around me in grade school which made me very streetwise, but I managed NOT to fall into drugs, alcohol, or any other illicit behavior. Yet I was a musician since age 4, began being paid to play at age 8 and although I never became famous BECAUSE I was not into drugs or alcohol. I went on to work in corporate America where I learned just how little intelligence is appreciated. I leaned how to look busy when I wasn't. And had several production improvement methods and ideas put into practice increasing my companies net profits by more than 30% to which my BOSSES would always take cost for. Then I finally emancipated myself from working for others, and began my own decently successful businesses.

The point of all this? To show that I've been paying close attention to ALL the downgrading of America and it's position in the world. Writing numerous letters to my congressman, senator l and even the president when Mr. Reagan was in office to express my disgust and concern why America was falling off the top of the charts and being surpassed by the very same countries we defeated once and some twice in both world wars? Why did the USA push to make Israel a recognized legitimate nation? Why were we allies with Russia in WWII, then enemies as soon as the article ended? I didn't think the Russian PEOPLE were wrong in hating ALL its WWII allies. Especially the USA and U.K. After all, Russia the country LOST many times more people fighting WWII than ALL other nations on BOTH sides combined! Then we and U.K. NEVER KEPT PROMISES MADE DURING THE WAR. Why? If the shoe was on the other foot...I know I'd be extremely pissed off. End of WWII the Russian people have next to nothing. They get next to nothing. Meanwhile the USA is on top of the world having LENT millions upon millions to the U.K. and most other countries we were allied with as well as Germany, Italy, and Japan who we fought against! Why didn't America OWN those countries as spoils of war? Think about how different things would be IF the Allied Nations OWNED the Axis Nations? China was our ally in WWII. Presumably jus because China and Japan have been warring with each other since the dawn of both countries. Why? Same reason The Israelites have been warring with the Palestinians I guess. Since the dawn of these nations. But oddly enough if anyone bothers to learn the TRUE history of the world. Israel was NEVER a place, but a PEOPLE with the same heritage. And if they were to be at adds with ANY country or an ion in that region, why not be always at odds with Egypt. History and even the Bible tells us how the Hebrews were ALWAYS slaves of the Egyptians. Yet...for so,e weird reason, they seem to get along. Why? America is constantly blasted for owning slaves. Why doesn't the same treatment happen to this OTHER countries who ALL use the continent of Africa a few hundred miles south of the Nile Delta region as Slave Trading Territories? Why is only, the USA blamed and berated for slavery when even WITHIN the continent of Africa...tribes keep other conquered tribes people as Slaves, or sell them off to Egypt, Italy, England, The Netherlands, etc.? WHY?!?! Is THIS all part of the KGB Influencing negatively against the USA inside our borders as well as around the world? Is it possible that the KGB has had so much power and influence that it could manage to influence THE ENTIRE WORLD TO THINK AMERICA ARE THE ONLY BAD GUYS ON THE PLANET???? If yes....then they deserve to win. But who would really believe such a thing? Especially written by someone like ME who doesn't have any books published, or spent time working within the CIA or FBI or KGB? Right? I'll stop here as my poorly treated by American medical doctors who are mostly from India now is hiring me too much to keep typing the truth.

PS... is it just me or does the narrator sound just like Jesse Ventura or Goldberg?

I'm sure glad Audible allows returns for credit.

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5 out of 5 stars
By D. Larsen on 12-04-17

Should be required reading for EVERYONE

If you could sum up Willing Accomplices in three words, what would they be?


What other book might you compare Willing Accomplices to and why?

Nothing else compares to this. It is one of a kind

Have you listened to any of Douglas R. Pratt’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

Haven't listened to other performances

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

Communism tries to destroy America and democracy

Any additional comments?

Incredible insights from a person with experience.

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