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4 out of 5 stars
By Candateshia Pafford on 29-12-13

This did not disappoint!

I waited so long for this squeal, after book 1 came out. I was so shocked by book 1, that I knew book two would be an instant download.... I am so happy with the continuation of the "Ghetto version of 50 Shades!"....

Honestly, you really can't call it that, b/c this series is not truly all that ghetto... just more of an interracial version of 50 shades... I really like the changes from 50... all the changes I think is what makes this story so great... especially if you are a fan of 50.

It's like you already know what is supposed to happen, but when things play out differently, you are surprised but not at the same time. It's great. And the smex is soooo much better than 50!

If by 50 book standards, this book ends where book 3 of 50 began. But instead of Kiesha and Tristan getting married, Kiesha's mother got married, and Tristan and Kiesha flew off to Hong Kong...

I believe book 3 will have more of Jada and Nathan's story... and man O man, I can't wait for that couple to be fleshed out... I wonder what is going on in their bedroom, since Jada is all dom/sub and Nathan is all dom/sweetheart...

I completely enjoyed this entire book/series, and I think it is well worth the credit or sale.

Narration is perfect! I love Tristan's voice... so dominating!!!

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4 out of 5 stars
By Lia on 07-02-14

Excellent Follow Up To FSOJF

Ms. Lewis' ONCE AGAIN you captivated me with your characters, wit and story and just didn't want to let me loose. Like my review for "Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever" I'm breaking down my likes and dislikes of the book. It's just easier for me with this one.

What I liked:

Story- The threat of someone trying to do harm to Tristan, his family and Keisha was a good angle. You know there had a to be a level of craziness and mystery in this one. It was over the top and I liked it. The different suspects that it could of been and who it actually turned out to be just threw me for a loop. Wasn't expecting that at all. This book became its own story with no help from Fifty Shades. What I also like was you had Tristan to come to grips with what was holding him back from taking his and Keisha relationship to the series front. To see him grappling with things was humbling. Fifty Shades, who?

Mama Beale- Supporting role at its finest. Mother of Keisha, she just has to be one of my favorite characters. She is a tough no nonsense kind of a woman. The way she able to put not only Keisha, but hard ass Tristan in his place floored me. I honestly didn't think she would take to Tristan like she did, but she truly surprised me. I loved her character. Ms. Lewis please make sure Mama Beale is in your next books of the series! Thank you.

Kinkiness/Sex- Through the roof with this one. I thought it was a lot better than the first. There were parts where my face was literally becoming red. Thank God I was reading this book at home.

Keisha and Tristan- Boy did these two grow from the first book. Even though they were separated for only a few weeks. They started, even though Keisha knew way before, that there was more to them than just the kinkiness of their relationship. Something real was happening between them. They needed to let the fear of their traumatic past go and just be together. I swear I yelling at my Kindle. Enough with the nonsense just let this two be.

What I disliked:

Jada- Her character was so damn ghetto that it was sad. I felt when she "went there" I was watching "Love and Hip Hop" or "Basketball Wives". She needs to tone her rachetness down a few levels. To think they branded Keisha as the ghetto girl. Please, Keisha is far from ghetto. All I can say is Jada, relax. No need to get all crazy and up in everyone's face. I hope she grows up in the next book.

Tristan- I know, I know. You are probably wondering how I have Tristan on both list. Well what bothered me throughout the book was that the author decided to include Tristan's POV. That didn't bother me. I love alternating point of views in a book. What bothered me was that Tristan's POV was told through the narrators eyes. I'm sorry, but I just wasn't going for it. If you are going to do a man's POV do it from his voice. His words. His mind. After 2 books, I still don't feel completely connected to Tristan. Do I love Tristan. Absofreakinglutely. But I feel I would of even been more connected to Tristan if I just would of heard him through his own words.

Oh, I just adored this book to pieces. That ending had my heart just beating like crazy. I freaking love these two together. Nate and Jada you guys are up next! Take notes. I have become such a fan of this series. Ms. Lewis you have me in a serious book hangover. When are we getting book 3?? Next week maybe? Out of 5. I'm giving this one 4. Job well done.
Again Marie Hélène was excellent with the delivery of the story.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Christina on 09-07-18

Bad version of 50 Shades

When I selected this book, I didn’t think it would be such a 50 Shades knock off. It was pretty frustrating if you have read the original 50 Shades. I would t waste your time or energy.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Adrienne Suber on 11-06-18

Loved this book.

Again I couldn't stop listening to this book. I wish this writer had more books on audible.

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3 out of 5 stars
By augustine on 29-01-17

Not so original but couldn't stop listening

I'm going through my "mommy porn" stage and I have been addicted to 50 shades of Grey series, I like to support black artists at the same time so I gave this a try, a lot of the story was too convoluted, too many borrowed words from E.L. James (she's not a great writer but tells a mean story). Too many times used "however", and I, as a previous reviewer said it was, found it hard to connect with the main characters, I couldn't really picture Tristan and when I did I imagined him as a meat head (not my sexy). I read both books non the less cuz I was invested, Sex scenes kept me going 😊

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4 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer on 02-12-16

Love it

Great series I enjoyed the books and the narration keep up the good audible choices

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