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5 out of 5 stars
By Susan Newman on 03-06-15

Awesome Story on Audio!!!

Any additional comments?

This was one of the coolest audios I’ve listened to in a long time….Hollie Jackson has a wonderful voice that brings the characters to life!!! I adore everything Scottish, and this audio had it all!!! This story definitely had awesome historical research, magic, danger, interesting characters and most of all, one hot Guardian!!! Rebecca and Cailen, are thrown together as she searches for her missing mother, who is somewhere in Scotland. There is a cryptic letter and a necklace holding a strange stone, left to Rebecca by her missing Mother. She travels to Scotland, and ends up in an old Inn. Rebecca needs to find answers, and begins questioning the locals. When Cailen shows up, she is intrigued, especially since there seems to be an instant attraction. They are both strong willed and must face multiple obstacles to find the answers they are seeking. This audio kept me engaged, and I did not put it down until I finished it!!!. Congratulations Angela…it was a wonderful audio!!!
Also, I read her fabulous book first, and listening to it is so cool. You can pick up those subtle nuances that you might have missed reading it. I highly recommend doing a reader, you can get more of the the experience.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Kahea on 21-10-15

Great story and wonderful narrator

Any additional comments?

This was a total trifecta of new for me. New author. New narrator and my first ever audiobook review. The first two didn’t bother me so much, but to review an audiobook is definitely a different beast from reviewing a book because much of my enjoyment lays heavily in the hands of the narrator bringing the story to life and that can be a slippery slope, but in the case of The Guardian, Hollie Jackson did a wonderful job of bringing Angela Aaron’s characters and story to life all the while keeping me engaged the entire time.

As I said, Hollie Jackson did a wonderful job narrating The Guardian. Not only was she able to convey the emotions of the characters well, but she did a great job with the Scottish accents and being able to change her tone so that each character had a distinct voice. Not an easy feat by any measure and after listening for about an hour I was able to tell who was speaking because of it.

Rebecca and Cailen were characters that I really came to like and want to see if they could get past certain roadblocks that could keep them apart. Rebecca was spunky and though she could be impetuous, she had a good head on her shoulders, even when faced with the fact that the Fae were real and that she was one. Cailen was protective and compassionate. He was every bit the Scottish laird, and good lord could he brood, but he never wavered from his oath. Their road to their HEA was a fun, if not bumpy one thanks to the fact that they were raised in very different times, had Fae trying to kidnap Rebecca and a prophecy of sorts hanging over their heads. But as the story progressed the chemistry and connection between them grew stronger and I found that I really wanted them to be get their HEA.

The story was well crafted and I enjoyed the pacing of the story. Nothing was rushed, whether it was Rebecca and Cailen’s budding romance to figuring out how to keep both the Shadowstone and Rebecca out of the Fae’s clutches. Everything felt as if it occurred as it should. One of my favorite aspects of the story was how Ms. Aaron included the various festivals that take place throughout the year in Scotland into the plot line. The geek in me definitely liked learning what each celebrated and learning about the preparations for them.

The Bottom Line: If you like stories about the Fae, hot Scottish lairds, intelligent and feisty women and a well thought out and written story, as well as an excellent narrator, then you should definitely give this one a listen!

~ Audiobook provided by the author in exchange for an honest review ~

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5 out of 5 stars

A Fantasy Romance Like No Other--Totally Riveting

Any additional comments?

Author Angela Aaron sure makes me want to visit the Isles of Skye. Even though her work is a Fantasy/Contemporary Romance she has used places in the islands for an enchanting setting, perfect for the magical wonder of the story itself. I was able to visualize what it must have been like, way back in Cailen’s time, some 970 years before. The ruins’s present condition, again through his eyes, stabbed his sensibilities (therefore mine) that such grandeur was reduced to rubble and rocks.

Scotland with its magical mysticism of Fae, witches, Fairy Rings, and Stone Circles were well captured in this wonderful, wonderful (yes, two times) story. This is the second of her books I’ve listened to, both were full-length and they were beyond good. She weaves a story so amazing highlighting Clan MacKinnon and its enduring presence on the isles in The Guardian.

Rebecca was a normal, intelligent 30-year-old professor at university in the U.S. But when her mother is gone missing her life as she knows it dissolves. She receives a lengthy letter from her mother and a necklace mailed from Scotland which tells her to go to Scotland and find her guardian.

Use to her mother’s cryptic clues, having trained on them since small, she decided she must follow the clues to where they lead her. She needed to find her mother and return to life as it had been. Rebecca’s fate was not in her control and the story literally takes to flame. I don’t want to spoil the wonderful twists and surprises in store for you in this read. Suffice it to say, YOU WILL BE HIGHLY ENTERTAINED.

There were plenty of beautiful, sensual passionate moments between Cailen and Rebecca, very artfully done, not overburdening the action, suspense, mystery and tension of this exciting complex plot.

Sub-characters actually played a large supportive role. Narrator Hollie Jackson continues to amaze me with the versatility of her voice with its clean deliverance, expressive dialog and perfect timing. I truly enjoyed the heavy brogue she used with characters from the past and switching to present day American English for Rebecca and the story itself. Ms. Jackson’s production is phenomenal.

I’m thrilled to know that Angela Aaron will be writing a sequel to this book. Oh, one last thought. If you think you’ve figured out the plot and know the ending, you haven’t. Happy reading or listening!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Daisy on 20-11-15

Had me hooked from the start

Well Darn! This was so good The whole Scottish Clan thing mix with magic was awesome! I totally loved the second half of the book when everything gets reversed. The sex scene were sensual and not Ronchi Oakport a graphic. The narrator was awesome what her Scottish brogue. Soul worth a credit I lost many hours of sleep could not stop listening it that good!! Just found out there is another book can't wait to download it.
This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast."

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5 out of 5 stars
By Misty on 30-06-15

loved it

Love it wish I had more books like this to read on my vacation this year. look for me book just like this one love drama.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Cyn on 27-06-15

Mystery, adventure, love, what else could you want

If you could sum up The Guardian: Shadowstone Legend in three words, what would they be?

outstanding, thrilling, believer

Any additional comments?

I totally loved this story I do have to admit when I first started listening to it I thought there is no way I am going to be able to listen to this. The author starts out with a poem and the narrator was just not doing it for me. I decided to listen a little longer before I decided. I was so glad I did once the poem was over the narrator took off with a great listen. I loved her voices, the plot was great the author gave so many twists and turns with mystery she really kept me hooked throughout the whole story as they tried to bring the past forward and find Rebecca mother. This author WOWed me in a way I haven’t be in a long time. She made me a believer of another world in no time flat with her with magic, history, adventure, humor, throwing in romance to make this a 5 star read.

Rebecca mother is missing all she has are a few clues that leads her on a chase to find not only her mother but the past bring it forward along with answering some questions she has had for many years. Rebecca is just a lovely young woman who growing up had a mother that loved her, played games with her. What Rebecca didn’t know was those game would come into play later when it becomes a life and death trying to find answer and staying alive. Rebecca was raised right she has grown into a wonderful lovely lady who is strong, kind, loving and giving. She isn’t a push over and doesn’t take kindly to some big Scottish man telling her how things will be. She is about to teach him a few lesson on life or will he turn the tables and teach her a few things about love.

Cailen just trying his best to grab this new world he has been put in the best that he can, things have changed so much. He finds things are very different than in his time. The mystery poem must be solved to find the answer and save life’s as well as to close the door so the fae are put to rest once and for all. The mystery around them is a game of clue you must put the pieces together to solve it. Cailen is a very strong man who is a full of his self. His first promise is to keep her safe but his mind is never far from taking her clothes off and getting her into his bed. When things take a turn for the worse he finds he must set everything aside just to keep her alive to solve the mystery in hopes of bring his brother back.

Hollie Jackson does an outstanding job bring to life the many different characters. You can feel each of their emotion their pain is very real when they must set aside everything to put others lives ahead of what they may want. She paints a wonderful back drop as she gives the background of the fae their meaning and what they will do, why things were done the way they were and what must be done to set a wrong right. I didn’t care for the poem at the start the voice she did it in but man she sure did bring the rest of the book to life. I would gladly listen to anything she does

I love this story it clues are clues in their selves you think you might have it worked out to find each clue has more than one meaning. It is a race against the clock to work it all out before the time is over and the doors will never be closed to keep the fae in. This is a story of learning, trusting, needs, forgiving as the author gives us a compelling story of love that will be no more. I will tell you this it does have a HEA but ends in a way that there could be a book 2. I loved the ending with each person facing the faith they know is coming it breaks your heart to see these two people torn apart. I had a hard time putting this book down the author keeps the mystery going with fast pace adventure at every turn.

I loved the supporting characters they brought so much meaning to the story. Nothing in this story is as it seems. The author has a wonderful mind that she knows how to use as she gives you a story that will grip you all the way to your toes. She makes you believe one thing and then turns it around on you. You think wow…before you know it you are believing there really are faes in the world. There is one place in the book when I thought wow that has happen to me, could there be fae. Then I shook my head and said pull yourself together you silly women lol. This is the first I have read or listen to this author it sure will not be the last. I love the way she brings a whole new world together and gives you the unknown making you a believer. If you are looking for a book that will keep your attention why highly entertaining you this is the book for you with tons of mystery that moves fast with wonderful characters you will fall in love with.

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