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3 out of 5 stars
By Anne on 28-08-15

A Bit Disappointing

This wasn't a bad novel, but Robyn did a lot of "telling" instead of "showing." There were lots of lectures and long descriptions of things like training for triathlons and and caring for ALS patients. Lots of long, introspective internal conversations in breathy dialogue About the time, the story got going, she would interrupt the story with a long lecture or internal "conversation." She stopped so many great storylines to lecture and "tell."

There were moments of genuine humor and pathos which I appreciated. The four babies tied the various storylines about the non-central characters nicely together.

It's an OK read but it's just not up to Carr's usual wonderful storytelling standards (although, admittedly, she has set a very high bar of expectation over the years!)

Plummer, who is my all time favorite narrator, was a little gushy and breathless in this one. Still my favorite, however.

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2 out of 5 stars
By sharktail on 11-09-15

Not One of her Best

The story just seemed lacking something, which is unusual for Ms. Carr (her books are always so spectacular). After the first half, I began to wonder if, may be the recording skipped a few parts (not sure how to describe it, sort of incomplete). For one, it seems as if there is some dialogue missing from the story, such as Charlie's father's story; it just ended without discovering anything really about him. Next, was Sue Lynn and Blake's make-up, just didn't fit her character. There were many parts that didn't fit (Norm and Gwen, etc.). Then, (almost) no info about Graces' child birth and it goes on and on. Not sure, I can only repeat that it was not Robyn Carr's best (may be if she left off with.... to be continued?). On the other hand, the plot was ok, but lacking the traits and descriptions, I've come to expect from the author. I do wish I could have given it more stars.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Starwalker on 02-09-15

As always a Robyn Carr & Therese Plummer delivers

Thank you Robbin Carr for the stories that transports one to feel they only have to visit the locations and they will run into the people who live there and that you will be welcomed.

Thank you, Therese Plummer for the outstanding balance and vibrance you give to each story that let's me enjoy the stories when I am not able to read the book for myself.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Cyndi on 15-09-16

Love this series!

As always.....I love Robyn Carr books! She is a guilty pleasure for me, I normally don't read true romance books but if it's Robyn Carr and Therese Plummer.....its a must! This story was sweet if not a little light on the romance.....since they didn't kiss until about 75% into the book. Blake was that guy we all dream of! Normally these books have a little lead into the next stories characters but I have no idea who it will be. I'll be waiting for the next book! As always the narration was perfect! I love Therese Plummer and will probably listen to anything she narrates!

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3 out of 5 stars
By Ezinwanyi on 05-09-15

Lin Su was difficult, but Blake was awesome

Robyn Carr is one of my favorite writers in this genre and this series is one of my favorites. This book fell short of her normal excellence. In fact, this was my least favorite Thunder Point installment because Lin Su made it hard to truly enjoy her perseverance and tenacity. The characters make this series so engrossing and Lin Su made me want to shake her a bit.

Lin Su was definitely a survivor and hard worker, but she took the "Lone ranger" thing to the next level. Life had dealt her some blows and she found herself a single mother estranged from her adopted family. I suspect, Charlie is the only one she has, so fear of losing him made her so controlling.

Blake had to overcome much to become the best in his sport, and he begins mentoring charlie much to Lin Su's dismay. Lin Su resented Charlie listening anyone else but slowly she loosened the reins of Charlie enough to see him blossom under Blake's guidance.

Can Lin Su learn to let someone else into their lives after the betrayals she faced in her past?

She is my least favorite heroine in the series and they are my least favorite couple. Blake was everything I love in a hero. He was handsome, athletic, hard working, sexy, smart, generous and loved mentoring the disadvantaged. I kept thinking "girl, you need to snatch that up!" Blake was a really great guy and frankly speaking, I didn't see why he had to have Lin Suh since she was prickly. I supposed he had to conquer the challenge. I didn't feel the chemistry at all. I actually liked them better as individuals because they are both hard working and self sacrificing. I like Blake in Charlie's life, but the romance with Lin Su was undercooked and lacked that hotness that I am used to in this series.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Me & My Girls on 12-03-16

Not A Terribly Likable Female Lead

This is my third book in the series. I really loved no's 7+8 and this one got off to a very nice start but it seemed to keep hitting obstacles as the story went along. The first boulder for the narrative to get around was Lin Su. As a veteran romance fan I feel that a story must first have two sympathetic leads to connect to the reader/ listener. Blake was that and more; enough so that the narrative began to seem ridiculous. Why would anyone with everything Blake has going for them fall for a shrill, hypocritical, argumentative shrew like Lin Su; indeed it is as if her main contribution is as the book's villain. Her unwarranted attacks on Blake and a couple of tirades towards her son might indicate issues with Borderline Personality Disorder. For any normal man there would be an immediate retreat and perhaps the purchase of some sort of metaphorical garlic encrusted cross. I loved all the usuals; Winnie and Mikhail, Grace and Troy, Iris and Seth. The addition of Frank the MIT student to the cast was an excellent touch and Charlie is the kind of character that everyone connects with. If Lin Su hadn't been such an abysmal, unlikable screeching witch this one would have rated five stars; as it is, it's fortunate that we gave it four.
As I mentioned earlier I'm a big fan of romance, and luckily for me the old man indulges my tastes in audio literature. However in most romance stories, these in particular, it would seem that any woman whose sexual body count exceeds three is the consummate slut and as such is unworthy of love. These three books have leading ladies 30-32 years old, and their past sex partners add up to four; seriously bi-otches four. The fifties ideal of virgin brides wasn't all that common even in the fifties, but in 2015, 2016 the idea that any woman who explores her sexual options must be excluded from finding and having a good man who loves them is insulting. Please ladies can some romance novelist find the ovaries to write female characters with an active sexual past.

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