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4 out of 5 stars
By Christina Wade on 29-09-15

great story with great vocal performance

the vocal performance was pretty good...i'm an american so i love the english accent - A LOT. he offered several voices for the characters as well a solid performance, sucking me into the story and keeping me interested throughout.

i LOVE this cover – so hot and perfect for the story! The writing was pretty good…I love English books – their spelling and slang is different than ours and I love it. It seems like this could be the start to a series…I’d love to see books about Vinnie’s brothers – Theo and Finn.

When we first meet Ben he seems a bit snobbish and shallow. He’s also a bit of a man whore…only partaking in quickies in the back room of the club he frequents. When he finally finds the courage to introduce himself to Vinnie and gets to know him, he starts to get a good figurative look in the mirror. Vinnie has had to work hard for the little he does have and is not interested in being another notch in Ben’s bedpost. Ben realizes that if he wants anything to do with Vinnie, he’s going to have to make a change or two. While in their relationship with Vinnie he really is a sweet, affectionate guy. He also gets along well with both of Vinnie’s brothers. He matures quite a bit during their time together and truly becomes a great man. He suffered a bit of a tragedy as a child which Vinnie helps him through.

Vinnie is a bit shy and reserved. He lacks self-confidence in his work and even while in a relationship with Ben is easily manipulated by someone else (not going to say more here as I don’t want to add a spoiler). As he becomes more successful and gains more confidence he really becomes a great man too. By the end, the two of them together are the perfect pair.

The secondary characters are really great – I’d love to see a couple of follow up books about Vinnie’s brothers – Theo and Finn. There was a pretty good setup for their stories in this book.

The angst in this book was so heart-breaking. It brought tears to my eyes several times. I just wanted to hug each of the boys. Theo and Finn were really great to Ben during the time of trouble.

One of my complaints about the book is that we didn’t get to see Vinnie’s reaction to Ben’s tattoo. I think that could have been a magical moment.

Overall, a great listen or read!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Angela on 03-10-15

Ben and Vinnie

Would you listen to Paint the Sky again? Why?

Yes because I really liked the story.

What about Joel Leslie’s performance did you like?

I loved his voice and accent.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

It made me smile quite often and I did laugh quite a few times.

Any additional comments?

I would recommend this for anyone that enjoys a good mm romance. It is contemporary and light hearted. There is some angst but it is low key in my opinion.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Pat Mackley on 06-10-15

wonderful story!

thoroughly enjoyed this book. the narrator captured characters wonderfully. his accent was delightful. The cover of the book captured the theme of the story perfectly . was so glad to hear the HEA. after all the pain and heartbreak.

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5 out of 5 stars
By kp on 11-10-15

Great Book!

What did you love best about Paint the Sky?

Loved the story! New to me author and I can't wait to read more of her books!

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4 out of 5 stars
By Donna Hirsch on 18-10-15

Very Enjoyable Book

Would you listen to Paint the Sky again? Why?

I would love to hear Ben and Vinnie's story again

What did you like best about this story?

I loved the Birthday evening

Have you listened to any of Joel Leslie’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

First time I have listened to his voice, loved it, great job

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

I had to rake a break but had it listened too within 36 hours

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4 out of 5 stars
By HaloLove on 04-12-15


Any additional comments?

This story annoyed the hell out of me! Yes, it was a lovely story and Joel Leslie performance was outstanding. But ....SPOILERS ... SPOILERS ...SPOILERS


You're left with the feeling that Vinnie cheated on Ben.

Ben is jealous (because who wouldn't be) when your man is hanging out with some other dude all the time. I mean seriously, Ben is at the new guy house painting, when his boyfriend (Ben) has given him more space than he deserves to paint at home.

Vinnie doesn't call Ben nor does he leave his phone on when 'supposedly' going out to drink with his new friend. He doesn't invite Ben (you know his boyfriend) out with him and the new friend.

Ultimately, he leaves Ben for this new friend. Vinnie could have stayed with his brothers but chose the new guy to live with. And the entire time, Ben is being shredded apart believing it's his fault Vinnie left.

What truly had me hating this story was the fact that Vinnie chose the new guy over Ben over and over again and in Vinnie's words, "he was so nice at first" (he's talking about the new guy). So because this new guy was soooo nice, he chose to ignore and break his boyfriend heart (Ben) who gave Vinnie a home, helped find him business, absolutely adored him. But the niceness of this new guy had Vinnie treat Ben as though he was trash and not once does Ben take a step back to acknowledge that Vinnie and his care for his new friend was the main factor their relationship ended.

Vinnie cheated! Doesn't matter if it was physical or emotionally but he was the reason the relationship ended and it was never addressed. Ben spent all his time wanting back Vinnie, being completely faithful while Vinnie is living and sleeping with the new guy but somehow all of that is Bens fault.

Then we're to feel bad for Vinnie because he's being domestically abused -rolls my eyes- Vinnie put himself in a crappy situation yet this is Ben's fault too!

The new guy is gone and Ben and Vinnie are back together again with no real consequence to Vinnie leaving Ben for another man. Ben swears it's his fault the relationship failed and poor poor Vinnie had no fault in his actions at all! But somehow within days, trust is rebuilt and all is good. I guess all is good until another good looking nice guy comes around.

So yea! I hated that part of the story. The fact that Vinnie put another man first breaking Ben's heart disgusted me. But the fact that Ben took all the blame without addressing Vinnie's actions just p*ssed me off and made me hate this story!!!!

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