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5 out of 5 stars
By Anthony Goodman on 29-03-16

Life saving, and yet ending my fear of death!

As a great fan of Alan Watts, I'd heard many of his talks over and over, but when I landed this compilation in my mp3 player, I was given 14 hours of his finest speech. That was originally shortly before being admitted to hospital for a stem cell transplant, a risky procedure for rebooting my immune system with healthy young bone marrow cells, while the cancerous cells destroying my bones were killed off with a massive dose of chemo poison.

I mention this to illustrate the extraordinary experience I had in being kept safe, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by Alan Watts' unarguable description of reality from the inside-out. For two weeks, Alan kept me company as my ailing immune system was destroyed and then rebooted. His words eased my fears as they described my own being and relationship with the Universe in the most simple terms.

On my way to recovery, I eventually grasped that which most people couldn't conceive. Not because it requires any great intellectual feat, but because we are not conditioned to experience the world from the inside-out, a perspective from which death cannot exist as a direct experience, anymore than birth can.

This material is profoundly capable of shifting one's perspective with repetitive listening, and Alan Watts' beautiful voice makes it a pleasure to listen to again and again. as moments of epiphanic A-Ha come thick and fast.

Get it...

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1 out of 5 stars
By Jo on 28-06-16


This is the same set of lectures and anecdotes as You're It - almost identical. I sent it back.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Mr. J. Alliban on 30-07-16

Mind expanding

As an introduction to Eastern philosophy for a Western mind this was incredibly eye opening. It has changed the way I think about many aspects of reality and helped to strengthen my spiritual understanding. I am excited to read more of Watts' material and to discover more Eastern spiritual thought.

The delivery was intelligent and witty although I felt that the structure was a little random and that many of the parts ended a bit abruptly. In his defence however, this was a lecture series and not a book.

Part of me felt a little robbed that I had to wait until my 37th year to discover such ideas. It's both interesting and rather frustrating that this way of thinking is almost entirely missing from our culture. A culture in which competition and hierarchy are such important aspects...

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5 out of 5 stars
By Jamie Blakeway on 29-01-17

Loved it. listening for a second time now.

Loved it. listening for a second time now. Alan Watts is unique in that he doesn't ever sound like he's preaching and has a soothing calminv voice and great sense of humor. Really good.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Jtolan on 30-11-16

Excellent wisdom that helps in daily life

these lectures are fantastic! the way Alan watts presents is the best interpretation of of eastern philosophy for a western audience I have ever heard. he simplifies methods for meditation and spiritual development so they no longer seem arduous long-winded processes involving tons of work and practice. I feel happier after listening.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Benvenuto on 27-02-16


Alan Watts had the most beautiful way of drifting us listeners to the serenity that is our pleasure of listening to his lectures. I would recommend this to anyone who takes a moment to glance at this review... You won't regret listening to this... :) The journey through this title is a funny one, much humour making the listening all that easier as well as taking in all the lessons :) - enjoy!

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