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5 out of 5 stars
By Baxter on 03-06-18

Adventure Sci Fi

More of the same ‘seat of your pants’ action and intrigue building on the BSG flavoured debut. The characters and storyline develop well and the tempo is relentless. I’m more hooked than ever.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Peter on 18-08-17

Good story nice pace well told

Enjoyed this, the second book has a strong story line and is well narrated. Looking forward to book 3

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5 out of 5 stars
By Poppey on 16-03-16

Not to be missed

The trilogy just keeps getting better and better. Waiting for the final instalment will be difficult.

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5 out of 5 stars
By kanundra on 26-02-16

Fantastic second book! More please!

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

Yes, I would highly recommend it to anyone, I couldn't turn it off which in my job was hard work as it's multidrop. lol But, I really enjoyed listening. :)

Who was your favorite character and why?

I have to admit, I'm really torn here. I adore Tim Granger, with his attitude and sense of humanity. But then I really fell for Ballsy (sp) Even the president grew on me!

What about Greg Tremblay’s performance did you like?

Following on from Book 1, Greg kept all the characters voices the same, they were distinct, and as soon as you heard them, you knew who they were. From the sadness of losing people, to the full on excitement of battle, there was time to get to know everyone and enjoy the full story.

If you made a film of this book, what would be the tag line be?

I would love to! script writing is my passion, but yeah digressing here. Tag line. Mmm. Probably something along the lines of 'One man leads the fight against total annihilation, while everyone else is fighting amongst themselves.' I hate tag lines... lol

Any additional comments?

I will admit, I first listened to Greg to hear the sound of his voice for my own work, but that in no way has made me rate this book or story any higher that it truly deserves.

For some extra comments, I can say the short chapters didn't bother me as much this time around. I'd settled into the style of the story and the narration and found it much easier to flick from one side of the galaxy and character to another.

Some other parts that I really enjoyed,

I found I was left guessing all the time, who was responsible for each plot point. Issacson and Aivary, (sp sorry) were great characters pitted against each other, not knowing who to trust, then everything came to a head, well played by the President here, loved that she faked her own death to get him to talk.

The Dolmassy, I kinda had a feeling that they had something to do with Tim's healing, but wasn't totally sure. In the midst of the final battle, I was floored when they turned on the Swarm, and then it all fell into place. :) Kudos to the writer, Nick. Awesome job with deception there.

Some of my fav other moments though, were in the realizations that when Ballsy went into the singularity that he might actually come back, before then with ZacZac and afterwards when he came out with Fishtail. I have to admit I was a little concerned with his obsessing over her in the start of the novel because I didn't think they'd gotten that close, even with their combat and experience throughout the first book, even with him going to visit her parents and her son. But, it did grow on me, and I think he was just being a friend, where it felt a little creepy at first.

Bringing her back to life as a 'swam conduit' mmm now that I'm not so sure about. :)

Excited for book 3 though! When? Please let me know!


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