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3 out of 5 stars
By Susan on 01-03-18

This author has done better elsewhere

This is the second book I have purchased on Audible by this author – I have read many of her books on kindle. Unfortunately this is only slightly better than the last one (which I did not finish). The quality of writing was, as usual, excellent, but I had issues with the plot line.

The h was a product of an abusive father and ineffectual mother. Her father cruelly and brutally ensured her separation from the teenage H as he was “from the wrong side of town”. 15 years later, her father’s will stipulates that the h moves back to her home town, near the H, but she cannot have “sexual relations” with the H for six months, or she forfeits her inheritance. This did not make any sense: The h and H had not had any contact with each other for 15 years, during which time the H was happily married (now a widower) so what made the father decide that six months abstinence would be a problem? Furthermore, it would have been almost impossible to legally prove that a sexual encounter had taken place unless illegal means were used, and revealing details which would mean the perpetrator would have to come forward, which would also expose his motives.

Naturally, the H and h were unable to control themselves and behaved like two horny teenagers sneaking around to meet for sex, with one particularly unappealing encounter being in the girls’ changing rooms at the school where the h is a teacher and the H’s daughter is a pupil. Not exactly the behaviour of mature and responsible adults, and not at all erotic, just a bit sleazy, more so when you remember the H is the town’s Deputy Sheriff!

A lot of people will love this book and I can recommend the author, but I think in future I will stick to the kindle versions of her books rather than audio versions.

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4 out of 5 stars
By f.c on 26-06-17

Good story line

Story solid and well executed, thought I knew who done it but was obviously wrong, initially. Just a few niggles which stopped me from giving a 5. That aunt F needed taking down a peg or two and Harley just wasn't gutsy enough to and I found that irritating. Also Jim was this adoring husband to his deceased wife but I didn't feel like he had that same depth of feeling for Harley other than the passion - that line wasn't really full circle for me, I found I really didn't like the deceased wife which made me feel bad because she was dead! But she was made into this icon whom the heroine wasn't balanced enough with. Harley forgave Jim far too easy when he made his passionate declaration about his first wife, I wouldn't have wanted to blatantly play second fiddle.
Lastly I absolutely rate the narrator as bringing books to life in terms of her voice changes etc but there was something about the quality of this audio that was really poor, the chapters were bitty, there was funny static feedback sounds in parts and I am sure I heard traffic in the background at one point which just didn't make for a good experience.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Giggle6666 on 17-03-17

An audio book for a dark rainy weekend

What did you like best about this story?

Hall's strength of character

What about Brittany Pressley’s performance did you like?

Really good delivery able to get the different characters well

Any additional comments?

This story is a little bit of a Hitchcock romance. Perfect listen to on a rainy weekend
Even beyond the grave Hallie’s dad is trying to control everyone. With her dads suspicious death and the strange happenings it seems, someone is determined to see that Hallie doesn’t succeed in meeting fathers requirement to stay at his house for six months and get her inheritance. It is up to police officer Jim a man who Hallie shares a past with, and maybe a future to uncover what is really going on before someone gets hurt.
Jim and Hallies love story doesn't have easy answers and they must learn to trust and forgive each other.

A dark romance with likeable characters that draws you in before you know it. You will be sucked to Hallie’s fight to control her future and get the family she always wanted.

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5 out of 5 stars
By MF on 11-03-17

Rich varied listening to suspense and romance

So...I found new experiences listening to this audio, having read the book.
A good reading gives life and enrichment to a good book and this ticks both boxes.
Rosalind James has a good ear for family relationships and tensions, teenage moods, for small town life, social factors and of course, romance. Stir in some mystery, suspense, heartbreak, some heat- and it's a winner.
The narrator Brittany Presley brings the characters to life with variety of pace, tone and expression.
De Marco the detective amused me. I liked her portrayal of controlled Jim with tight lipped speech and bitten off vowels. I liked Hallie whose vulnerability, warmth and had won bravery and confidence shines through.
A rich varied listening experience.

I received a free copy of this audiobook in return for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way or obliged to be positive.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Fleetwoodboy on 08-03-17

Money can't buy you love

A story which had a good plot but was padded out , in my opinion, by too much erotica, Pretty good twist to uncover the bad guy but the story was enjoyable and narrated very well.

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