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By Julia on 27-06-17

The Lake People

Anna is a orphan never knowing who her parents are, but there's a voice in her head communicating with her. She feels drawn to this whistling man and she has visions of a beautiful lake with black water.

Whilst hitchhiking she gets a lift with a truck driver who turns out to be a serial killer. Her whistling man rescues her and takes her home to his family and community which set on the same lake which she has dreamed about for most of her life.

The lake people have the ability to communicate by thoughts alone, like all towns some of the people are good and some are bad, very bad

Anna searches for the truth in the salt mines and finds a hidden secret, worse then the serial killer............

At first I wasn't sure about the narrator of this book as she has such a strong deep south accent, but I got to the stage where I could still hear the book echo in my mind when I wasn't reading it, so I think it drew me back to the book for more.

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