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5 out of 5 stars
By Jonella A. Moore on 07-12-17

Dragon instalove!

In this audiobook story, we have a generational shipload of humans who are traveling to a new home planet. They were all born on the ship and won’t reach the new planet in their lifetimes. Pirate aliens attack their ship and it crashes onto a hot, desert planet where it looks like it will be hard to survive. The heroine is a botanist and while she wanders off to see if she can find any native plants she collapses, only to be rescued by one of the male natives who has dragon like features. He sees her as his treasure and mate, not having any females left on their planet. There are a few mild sex scenes and lots of action, in which she has to convince the human survivors that he’s a good alien. There is a plant that grows only on the planet that can save the humans, but it has consequences so the remaining humans have to decide if it’s what they want. Narration was done well, but I wish there had been a male and female narrator. Looking forward to the next audiobook in this series!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Linda on 29-05-18

What a gray sci-fi romance!

So you crash land on an unknowing planet. You are supposed to be in Flight to an unknown new destination since Earth has been rendered incapable of life. After crash landing, on a mission to discover viable plant life Calista meets the alien hunk who has been alone since his planet the one that she is on was devasted by the inhabitants. Ladin a warrior is a dragon and found his treasure. Hence he saves her several times, helps her to accept life and HEA starts....maybe. I would read more of this series.

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5 out of 5 stars
By michele on 08-04-18

A good tale

The main female lead was in a I must be detached and analytical mood long enough for me to get tired of it and be afraid the story would be ruined but it didn’t happen. I have already bought the next book and am looking forward to it

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4 out of 5 stars
By IreneMBBT on 05-04-18

Ok if you like Alien Romances

Good concept, but with a lot of inconsistencies with primary characters. For all it’s frustrations, I’ve listened to this book several times before writing a review. I even bought the book. Ladon was completely likeable. Calista was likeable when she used her intelligence; but TSTL too many times. It’s as if the authors had two different heroines, two different characters in mind. I was beyond disgusted with how Calista let Gershon walk all over her, and her denial of her relationship with Ladon.
I liked the concept of the crash on the alien planet, even with the parallels to Dune. I liked the description of the Zmaj, even though this is the desert version of Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarians.
I did like the male/female narrator combo in this production.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Samantha on 09-02-18

Pleasantly surprising

There are a lot of ideas in this book that clearly come from other sources, it’s easy enough to see the similarities between Epi and Spice from Dune. But despite, or maybe because of, this and the writers ability to develop characters I was pleasantly surprised and look forward to the next books.

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