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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 01-12-16

A really good foundation in learning French.

This was a bit more of a leap from Lesson 6, and I think will require a second listen for all of the concepts to sink in... But there's something very satisfying about having completed all the modules and I can consider myself to have an intermediate skill in French, or at least, confident enough to progress to an intermediate course. Something I never had in years of study at school.

Overall, the course is a really good foundation in learning French. I am by no means fluent (no where near) but now I think I could be, one day. And sooner than I ever thought possible. Now I can construct simple sentences and articulate many of my thoughts in French. Je suis très heureux.

Highly recommended.

Note: The intermediate course isn't available on Amazon, so I'll be getting the CD course instead.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-11-16

It finally clicked...

It was this lesson where it finally clicked for me. I enjoyed lessons 1 through 3, but it took a few play throughs to be confident enough (and remembering enough) to move onto lesson 4. When I did, I sailed through and had a eureka moment I've never had before when learning a foreign language. I can now start to articulate my own thoughts into simple French sentences, and the verb structure is near second nature. Okay, okay, there is still a delay as my brain puts it together, and my vocabulary is still somewhat limited (especially nouns) - but I now feel I've now got a solid foundation to keep building apon and I'm (finally) starting to remember words and the structure of French (when different from English) much more easily.

So pleased to have found this course. And very much looking forward to Lesson 5.

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