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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 22-06-13

It's not just for girls or runners

Goodness knows why I chose this book, but I'm glad I did. I don't run. Have only vaguely thought about trying.I am a girl and (I suspect) am somewhat more 'curvy' than Alexandra. But that didn't matter, because this was a book to be involved in someone else's story, but who could provide incentive to give running a go.

Alexandra's reading is witty and charming. I so understand the issue about boobs bouncing too much. And I loved her description of her first run. Putting on trainers and walking out the door only to realise you don't know what to do then. She describes so well the feelings of embarrassment, the trepidation of taking that first step and the pain (and pleasures) that running can bring.

She also explains the the reasons for using all the kit that sports shops try to sell you. I knew that the footwear and bra would be important, but didn't think about socks or shirt. She also provides advice about running, especially long-distance/marathon running.

This book is a great read whether you are a runner, a wannabe runner or a stay-at-home non-runner. Her story is engaging and light-hearted, told with humour and honesty.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 22-06-13

Like listening to the radio show

I really enjoyed listening to this book. I've followed Seth on the Blogtalk radio for a while and heard snippets of his journey. This book is his story showing the entanglement that can happen when growing up and living in a highly religious region and then wanting to walk away from the beliefs of that world.

Seth is a professional radio presenter and it shows! This was a delight to listen to as it all feels like it's just one long improv radio session. It doesn't feel like you're being 'read' to, more that you're the silent partner of a conversation.

You won't find scientific explanations for evolution and it is not an atheist's apologetic. It is a personal story, read by the person involved, who moved from faith to reason and the consequences of following through on this new world view.

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