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Reviewed: 10-11-14

Why was this ever published?

What disappointed you about Gray Mountain?

This book starts depressing, gets out a pick axe and digs itself deeper.

What was most disappointing about John Grisham’s story?

The story lacks any depth in narrative, plot or characters.
Examples of basic lack of research or even in touch with reality and practicality:-
Reference is continually made to 51mm calibre sniper rifles. That's 2 inches in US speak. That size would be a Cannon on wheels! What he meant was a 50 calibre which is 0.5 inches. Don't get excited, there's no gripping storyline attached.
There is some wandering around mountain areas described as 100 acres but to tie in with the narrative would be ten times that size.

Would you be willing to try another one of Catherine Taber’s performances?

Not having listened to any other narrations by Catherine it might be unfair to judge her with this one. I hope she thought it best to deepen and enhance the story's depths of depression.
She was successful.
One imagines her going in to therapy after completing the book.

You didn’t love this book--but did it have any redeeming qualities?

Redeeming qualities? One hopes Grisham gets such a lashing with this book that he understands his followers expect better of him.

One redeeming line, obviously by accident, the heroine, in a light aircraft, puts on a headset and the pilot says "Say something". She says "Something".

Any additional comments?

I have no idea why Grisham's publisher didn't turn the manuscript down for the good of his reputation.

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