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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 10-10-17

Best book yet!

After listening to the Supers series I was wary about getting into a book about a side character that I didn't have particular interest in. But I picked CORPIES up and simply couldn't put it down. Owen is a far more complex and interesting man than he first seemed, and I adored his story. What pleased me most, aside from the exciting plot and interesting characters (The PEERs team are each fascinating individuals in their own right), was Owen's relationship with Jeramiah and the fact that Hayes didn't avoid it or go over board. It's written in the exact same manner as a straight romance attached to an action story and that speaks to a sensitivity from the author that I wish more writers would adopt. The entire thing was excellently narrated by McCarley. A wonderful book and a wonderful listen. I'm eagerly awaiting for more from Titan and Jeramiah.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 22-09-17

Another excellent read

N. R. Walker and Joel Leslie conjure up another masterful tale of vampires, ancient wonders and impossible situations. Addictive and funny the first book was the first ever audible adaption to make me laugh out loud on my bus commute to work. Earning me several surprised looks. I proceeded to snicker and snort until my stop, unable to help myself as the books well written and perfectly delivered lines tickled my funny bone. My only nitpick is how Joel says Gengis Khan's name, calling him Jengis, like the game Jenga. But if that is my only complaint over two books and 20+ hours of audio, I think that's a pretty fine record.

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1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-08-17

Should have been great

I was so excited to start this book, the premise was exciting and unique enough in the sci-fi genre to make it stand out from the hundreds of options in my 'recommended books' list, plus the first few hours were very enjoyable. The three main hero characters were interesting and believable. But then one of them goes from decent to annoying and then plummeted off the edge into truly frustrating. Making me actually hate the character, which has never happened before. I'm 7:20 hours into the book with 5 hours left to go and unfortunately I can not stand listening to Ben whine and moan and mope any longer. I want to slam his head in a door. Usually strong emotions about a book are a good thing, but not this time, as I am unlikely to finish this story and have no intention of picking up the next. A true shame as Haywood is otherwise a great author. I write this review in the hopes that Haywood takes note and avoids more 'Ben' characters in the future.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 21-04-17

Superb! Best Sci-Fi series in a long time

I picked up the original book out of curiosity. A sentient time-travailing Von Neumann probe? 'The Martian' is my favourite book and I've listened to it more than two dozen times, so when I came across this I thought 'why not?' and gave the Bobiverse books a try. Oh My Lord. I am so glad I did. Such a unique subject and a totally original idea. Bob himself is brilliantly written and voiced by both Denis and Ray. The adventure is completely out of this world and introduces so many fascinating topics and ideas that it is simply mind-blowing. All carried along on an exciting and engaging story. I absolutely can not wait for the third book.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 16-03-17

Excellent writing and narration

I adore this series, I love the writing of Garon Whited and his interesting and unusual characters, and Sean Runnette really brings the characters to life. No one else could voice Eric this perfectly. However, I can not stand Mary, and disliked or was ambivalent about many of the main female characters/love interests, Tort and Sasha were just about bearable but Mary drives me nuts. Lysette was the only one I liked (not including the female knights, Amber or Tiana who were brilliant). I understand his sense of responsibility for Tort, but Mary deserved nothing more than a thank you for tipping him off to the Vampiric Council plan, not blanket permission to treat him like a carpet. Being chivalrous is good, being a walkover is not. Two stars taken off for Mary, as I rarely get so irritated by a character that they almost ruin the book for me. Otherwise 10/10

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 15-05-16

The funniest accountant ever written

Despite the title, this is a highly amusing little tale about 'Fred the Vampire', a rather unfortunate accountant who finds himself dealing with situations that he is rather less than thrilled or equipped to encounter. A delightfully funny and light-hearted story matched perfectly by Mr Heyborn's narration. Certainly one for the bookshelf.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 26-04-16

Best fun to be had in book form

Garon Whited's Nightlord series is one of my favourite audio books to date. The writing is funny, witty, entertaining, dramatic and takes you on a truly extraordinary journey. Paired with Sean Runnette as the narrator it is a delight to listen to. Sean's voice adds drama and depth to an already dramatic tale and really brings the character of Eric to vibrant, blood sucking life. I was hooked from the very first paragraph and my only complaint is that I have to stop listening when the book ends. I will be eagerly, impatiently and excitedly awaiting the third book with bitten nails and a fervent hope for Eric's survival.

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