The Fist of God

  • by Frederick Forsyth
  • Narrated by John Franklyn-Robbins
  • 22 hrs and 44 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

During those fateful weeks before Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, a fragment of radio intercept had referred to Qubth-ut-Allah, a devastating secret weapon that could rain death and destruction on the Allied forces. Despite Allied scepticism, Major Mike Martin, an SAS man who can pass as an Arab, is sent into Kuwait to assess Iraqi strength and help the resistance.
What he discovers there takes him into the heart of Baghdad, where he is to 'run' the Iraqi spy known as Jericho, the sleeper who might be prepared to provide vital information for money. It is a highly dangerous operation, the results of which cause the Allies to delay their ground assault for four days - while Martin parachutes into the Iraqi mountains on the most hazardous mission of his life: to find and destory Qubth-ut-Allah - the Fist of God.


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Customer Reviews

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Pay Attention!

As usual, Mr Forsyth's research is extremely good and he builds a credible set of circumstances round a fascinating story. The clues are there to give you some idea of which characters are responsible, but you have to listen hard and follow the action; thank goodness you can rewind! I'm no expert, but he portrays what it may have been like serving a tyrant. Worth every penny for a great story. Slightly less impressed by the narration, so all the stars are for the author.
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- Philip

A Must Read! Miss at your peril!

I read this as I had heard of Mr Forsyth before and my downloading this came as a result of 2 things, I had reached my maximum credit overspill and I had read all of the books by Mr Ryan and Mr McNab. I. Saw the running time of this and thought, why not, it had good reviews.
What I found was nothing short of a masterpiece, well written, explains all details as far as Military tech goes, humorous ( umbrella that sends messages...!) and several plots that overlap and culminate in a final one that I doubt any reader would have predicted. What is totally amazing is the fiction that is so deftly aligned with fact, you cannot tell which is which. The running time, whilst long, kept you hooked the whole time. Whilst the books of Mr McNab and Mr Ryan are action packed, this was too, but involved a master of a plot, to which the 2 SAS men deployed plots that were very easy to follow, having said that, it is easy to see that Mr F seems to have had a distinct influence on these two writers and having not read Any FF books before, can see where. Mk 1 human eyeball etc.

I am now going to read The Afghan and I hope that it is as good as this, if anyone reading this can recommend another FF book, I would be very grateful.

Quite simply, having read some great books by AM and CR, such as The Watchman, Tenth Man Down and pretty much all of McNabs (except perhaps Aggressor and Deep Black) this could well be the best book I have read.

The narrators don't get said much in reviews and I thought him very stuffy to begin, but as the story went on, he emerged as a fantastic compliment to this great book. Witty, where he needed to be, and serious where required. When you begin, you wouldn't think that this narrator could be capable of making you laugh out loud but he does, several times.

Listen out for the part where the Soviet neighbour is "questioned" and where the MIMI question the Soviet's handyman. Brilliant.

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- sacffolding

Book Details

  • Release Date: 25-07-2011
  • Publisher: Random House AudioBooks