Homage to Catalonia

  • by George Orwell
  • Narrated by Jeremy Northam
  • 8 hrs and 59 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Homage to Catalonia is George Orwell’s account of his experiences fighting in the Spanish Civil War, and a portrait of disillusionment with his early politics. Orwell’s experiences include being shot in the neck by a sniper, and being forced into hiding as factions of the Left battled on the streets of Barcelona. Orwell entered Spain intending to gather an experience worth writing about, as well as to fight Fascism, and wrote Homage to Catalonia within months of his return. His honesty and bitterness make for an unparalleled account of his journey from belief and enthusiasm to a reluctant loss of ideals.
This audio edition includes two appendices, essays Orwell added to the book giving some background to the Spanish Civil War, and his biting analysis of the press response.


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A very well read and well written book. The narrator sounds exactly like I would expect George Orwell to sound. This is a great version of a powerful book
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- Alastair Ball

When men believed that war was peace

In its time a very controversial book for the European left, especially the Russian controlled communist parties and the beginning of the disillusionment of a great writer with the ideas and consequences of totalitarian power (Stalinist) and the party that controlled that centralisation.
Here we see the genesis of 1984, and his final unmasking of the crimes committed in the name of a new faith, a new religion as ferocious and intransigent as the worst religions.
The language is clear and direct and feels contemporary. So much so I could not stop thinking of the Syrian similarities, the young men thinking they will change everything with a single vision of what is correct, the naivete that wars can be just or controlled, that ideals will defeat established powers, that there is honour in the business of killing, the fragmentation of the belief into competing militias, the use of children to fight demagogues wars .
Orwell is blinded with his vision of a better world but is an exceptional reporter and describes his experience in Spain's civil war ( 1936 to 1939) with stark uncensored realism that captures more than just the image he wants to present but a reality that can be studied from different angles, not just the one given by the writer. He also warns that his reporting might be tainted by his ideals or beliefs a first in my experience with writers.
The use of acronyms is baffling because they are given as if everyone knew their meaning but Orwell explains in his appendices the meaning and the animosities of all these factions of the left.
This is a very personal book, of one man’s limited experience (from December 1936 until June 1937) in what was a long bloody war. It explains his reasons and his view of why the war started in a very of the period and party line explanation. For a broader historical point of view I would look else where.
If you like Orwell this is a must read.
The narration was excellent it made Me think I was listening to the writer.
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- Wras

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-07-2011
  • Publisher: CSA Word