Michael and Me

  • by Shana Mangatal
  • Narrated by Shana Mangatal
  • 9 hrs and 57 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

More than seven years after his death, Michael Jackson continues to fascinate the world. Shana Mangatal was one of Jackson's only constant and true rocks of stability for nearly two decades. Their relationship was quiet and sweet and real - a closely guarded secret, known only to a few trusted employees and friends. Shana is now coming forward to tell their love story. Her story is rich with every little detail. She witnessed the scandals, lawsuits, the release of groundbreaking albums and subsequent world tours, big-budget short films, and addictions. Michael and Me entertains and inspires, but above all, Shana continues to treat Michael (and his legacy) with respect. This is not an exploitative tell-all, but rather a book that shows the side of Michael people never knew. In it, Shana paints a more intimate picture of this beloved, yet very misunderstood man.


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love is never ending

loved it, had me enthralled from beginning to the end. a real mix of emotions. had me sobbing at the end. a love and friendship of two sweet and caring souls who's love for each other will always live on.
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- frances bryant

A book written by a narcissist fan.

What could Shana Mangatal have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

I don't recommend this book because she disrespects Michael Jackson throughout her book. Shame on YOU Shana Mangatal for lying on a dead man that was nothing but nice to you even though he knew you was a stalker who wanted what he had (fame and fortune).

She talks about how Michael demanded to be called King Of Pop, which is a ridiculous accusation, Michael never had to demand anything and even if he did demand to be called ''King Of Pop'' it still doesn't mean the people will call him that, so again that's a ridiculous claim for her and only her to ever make.

She also claimed Michael bargained for awards, complete lies. Why would Michael need to bargain for awards when he was the best performer to ever live? it just doesn't make sense nor does it sound believable.

She talks about Michael preferring to be around little boys all the time, how he apparently withheld sex from Lisa (she wishes that was true), how he allegedly forgot who she was even though he allegedly took her virginity (I think any man who would take a woman's virginity would remember who they was), Shana also claims Michael faked being ill to try and get out of concerts, etc this is only a few examples of the accusations she is ACCUSING a deceased man of.

Lets not forget the main fact, she has no evidence whatsoever to prove of this relationship, all she has is fan memorabilia, work documents & a dirty yogurt cup. I gave Shana just like the rest of the fans the benefit of the doubt thinking she was telling the truth, then when she released this book I realized she was lying. What type of relationship or friendship was it really when she hasn't even got a personal photo? and save me the nonsense of ''the times was different back then'' because Shana has multiple photos with different celebs from that time period.

Even if this book is the gospel, I still wouldn't be jealous (That's what Shana and her minions like to call people who don't like her book) because the way she portrays Michael out to be is, some sort dog, who forgot who she was, disrespected her by calling her house stuff (Scott "House" Schaffer who was fired for extortion, he's one of the people who endorse this book), never got anything from him such as letters etc all she got was merchandise the fans get, and said ''I wished I didn't have sexual desires'' right after he took her virginity, ignored her when she went to his house (she went there on a fan day) making her upset and drive around drinking in hurt, Married Lisa, then divorced her, Married Debbie (got her pregnant three times,she miscarried once), was messing around with Lisa for many years after their divorce, and then impregnated another unknown woman, all whilst Shana stayed invisible. I could go on and on, but if this book is the truth (which i doubt) I'd feel disrespected and used, that's nothing for anyone to be proud of.. but i guess because it's MJ some people are willing to reduce their morals, but i wouldn't. So no jealousy here because by the sounds of what she says, he seems to have treated her like a groupie.

She says she was his friend for so long, but she wasn't even at Michael's funeral and Tatiana was, a simple video girl got an invite to say goodbye to him & Shana never, she watched from home just like the rest of the fans, because that's all she is, a fan.

I'm not willing to believe this story because it doesn't add up, she hasn't got anything personal of his, hasn't got a photo besides a fan meet and greet one, hasn't got many stories to share from her own personal experience. Most of the stories she writes about in the book are from second hand sources & about being an extra in ghosts, which is laughable considering she apparently knew Michael for so LONG(20 years), but has very little insight on who he truly was.

If Shana would've told the truth it would of been a better book. She had no reason to lie because afterall she did meet Michael Jackson and could've told the truth about her relationship working in close situations with him. But instead she chose to lie about a fake secret romance.

Please do your research on the author of this book before you buy it.

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- Tabby

Book Details

  • Release Date: 29-08-2016
  • Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.