• by Jamie Smart
  • Narrated by Jamie Smart
  • 7 hrs and 40 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Learn to clear your mind and think like a winner. We all have so much going on. A million different projects, to-do lists longer than your arm. We all worry about things - money, deadlines. With all this buzzing around in our heads it’s often a nightmare trying to concentrate on one thing. What if someone could show you how to empty your mind of all the noise? If you could be shown how to de-clutter your mind and concentrate on one important thing?
Well Jamie Smart, state-of-mind specialist, can do just that - with Clarity he will show you how to get real clarity of thought. You’ll learn how to clear your mind and become less stressed and more productive - and as a result, more confident in your abilities.
Clarity will help you to:

Greatly improve your concentration and ability to think clearly
Reduce stress levels and increase productivity
Grow your confidence and self-belief
Find innovative solutions to problems and make progress on goals and dreams
Trust your intuition and improve your decision-making
Build stronger relationships through better communication


What the Critics Say

"A refreshing approach and a good read for anyone in business." (Paul McKenna )
"A powerful, positive book that can help you to achieve more than you ever thought possible, in every area." (Brian Tracy, author of Goals and Eat That Frog)
"Thought-provoking, entertaining, and potentially life changing – highly recommended!" (Michael Neill, Radio Show Host and author of The Inside-Out Revolution)
"Take your time reading this profound book. Jamie Smart is about to blow apart every circumstantial excuse you ever came up with. He’s about to put the steering wheel back in your hands." (Garret Kramer, Founder of Inner Sports and author of Stillpower)
"The insights you’ll get whilst reading Clarity will resonant in how you manage day to day but, more importantly, provide a framework for refreshing your priorities, goals and drive." (Peter Lake, Group Business Development Director, JS Group)


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Emperor's New Clothes.

If you're looking for a 'how to' style self-help or better-business guide - this isn't it - much as it appears to be marketed that way.

There are no steps provided to achieve 'clarity' - and in fact - one of the stand-out passages, referring to a dog chasing its tail - is there to point out that you'll either 'get it', or you won't. That being given the solution to your problems isn't always enough - having your own revelation may take more, less or different exploration.

Finding the key that you've always been looking for isn't necessarily the goal - you might not have needed the key at all. Or you probably already had it. Or the door was unlocked anyway. Imagine the door gone and it was never there.

There's some great passages and some very interesting concepts to ruminate upon - so I'm not about to tell you not to listen to this book - however - for me, there were some frustrations:

At the end of almost all chapters there is a 'reflection point' where you are encouraged to head to a website and discuss with fellow readers the points raised within the chapter. If indeed you're on the tube - or at the gym etc you probably aren't online - even if you are - you may not want to break from the book all the time to keep going to a website... This may suit you - but it didn't me, and became more and more frustrating as the book went on. There is more content and 'rewards' if you do go to the website - but you need to sign in to facebook to comment... and if you don't comment - you don't get the extra content...

So - not for everyone.

Jamie Smart's delivery is relaxed to the point of being soporific - not a bad thing if you're listening to relax and reflect, but if you have a particular place or time that you listen to audiobooks - you might find - as I did, that you're not in the right mood. I can imagine it helping a stressful train journey, but not helping say, a gym session.

So I hesitate to recommend it - and wish there was an edited version without all the 'call to actions'. I will however, listen again at some point.

Why did I title this review 'Emperor's New Clothes'? The book reminds me of the children's story... but not quite in the way you might think... Until it was pointed out to the Emperor that he was actually naked, he was the happiest and most confident he had ever been.

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- James M

Superb! For aspects of your life!

I read Jamie's book within days, not being able to put it down, so many insights. His book is in my top 3 of the best books I have read (i have read probably 300+ books, 120+ on self help alone!) I have read it at least a further 5 times! Getting more and more understanding out of it every time!

I didn't think the audio could be better than the book, I was very wrong!

This audio goes one step further, there is a difference between reading a book, well for me, then listening! I had a huge insight that reading I concentrate to much on the words and not enough on what is being said in the book. Plus Jamie voice is almost mediative to listen too!

I turned the audio on and was lucky to have the time to listen to the whole thing from beginning to end, woke up the next day and there was something different about me! Wonderfully different!!! To brilliant to explain in words!! 3 days later still have that feeling of peace, wonderfulness and clarity! Able to do anything with ease and grace!

This audio can change all aspects of your life!

This audio is a must! :-) Thanks Jamie X

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- Aimee

Book Details

  • Release Date: 14-05-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios