Flash Boys

  • by Michael Lewis
  • Narrated by Dylan Baker
  • 10 hrs and 13 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Michael Lewis, the Master of the Big Story, is back with Flash Boys.
If you thought Wall Street was about alpha males standing in trading pits hollering at each other, think again. That world is dead.
Now, the world's money is traded by computer code, inside black boxes in heavily guarded buildings. Even the experts entrusted with your cash don't know what's happening to it. And the very few who do aren't about to tell - because they're making a killing.
This is a market that's rigged, out of control and out of sight; a market in which the chief need is for speed; and in which traders would sell their grandmothers for a microsecond. Blink, and you'll miss it.
In Flash Boys, Michael Lewis tells the explosive story of how one group of ingenious oddballs and misfits set out to expose what was going on. It's the story of what it's like to declare war on some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. It's about taking on an entire system. And it's about the madness that has taken hold of the financial markets today.
You won't believe it until you've read it.
Michael Lewis was born in New Orleans and educated at Princeton University and the London School of Economics. He has written several books including the New York Times bestsellers Liar's Poker, widely considered the book that defined Wall Street during the 1980s, Boomerang and The Big Short, 'probably the single best piece of financial journalism ever written' (Reuters). Lewis is contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and also writes for Vanity Fair and Portfolio magazine.


Audible Editor Reviews

Flash Boys is the explosive new release audiobook unabridged and written by highly-acclaimed financial journalist and author Michael Lewis and narrated by Dylan Baker. This story captures the future of trading, where well-suited Wall Street traders have been replaced with a computer code so technical only a genius could outsmart it and steal from it. As a result, one of the most lucrative crimes the world has ever seen is going unnoticed. Out of the shadows comes the most unlikely of heroes set to expose them all. This is an absolutely riveting listen not to be missed. Available now from Audible.


What the Critics Say

“I read Michael Lewis for the same reasons I watch Tiger Woods. I'll never play like that. But it's good to be reminded every now and again what genius looks like” (Malcolm Gladwell)
”Probably the best current writer in America” (Tom Wolfe)


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Customer Reviews

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I can't praise this book highly enough...

...Oh yes I can: this book does for High Frequency Trading what 'The Emperor of all Maladies' did for Cancer. It takes a complicated thing that you hear about every now and again in the news, puts it centre stage, explains it in delightful depth to an intelligent layperson, while delivering the excitement and suspense of a novel. As a bonus (again both books) they lay out the moral issues and moral dilemmas, so that the book is much more than a simple documentary of the phenomenon. And both books have more or less happy endings. By the end the good guys are winning. You could not ask for more from a book.

Narration - very professional. Had the impression that the reader understood the material - not always the case with a book like this. I found the ‘stopping points’ for the ipod well organised (by chapter) but rather spaced out. Each chunk was about 1 hour 30 mins, whereas I find 20 minute chunks more user-friendly.
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- Judy Corstjens

How financial markets continue to screw us all

I didn't like Liar's Poker, it seemed too much like a name dropping session, but Flash Boys is an engaging and insightful piece of work. After the abuse of financial derivatives, the financial markets have decided to use high speed communication technology to rip us off.

If you listen to this audio book, you might feel depressed at the end, and I think that we all should. The stock market is exposed as an opportunity for human beings to steal from each other without using violence or starting an actual war. If you were a criminal it is much easier to steal from people using financial innovations than rob a bank, and you can do this with impunity and become a shining example for society.

The banks and corporations have and continue to "stitch-up" the public and they own politics (both in the USA, UK and round the world). Corruption has now been revealed to be a useless term since our systems have legalised and institutionalised it. As an aside, the film "Chasing Madoff" brings this clearly to the fore where despite the dedicated work of determined and rarely honest wall street individuals especially Harry Markopolos, the biggest crook in wall street could not be brought to justice until the credit crunch, where the house of cards that was the scheme fell down. Harry's work was only belatedly sighted when Madoff was prosecuted.

We live in a world that continues to be ravaged by the machinations of multinationals and banks, both have shown themselves to be corrupt beyond saving. At some point human beings have to take a good look and themselves and think about the kind of world they want to live in.

In the UK (and other western countries) a large part of the GDP is generated by the financial centres. These institutions have hoovered up a lot of intelligent people to engage in the act of ripping off others. As a country what needs are we actually meeting with our daily work? The number of hours people spend at work has gone through the roof but what are they actually achieving? Who really benefits from the work you do each day?

This is one of those books that brings human nature front and centre and sticks it in your face. So what are you going to do about it? Probably nothing.
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- Ozzymandias

Book Details

  • Release Date: 31-03-2014
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd