Real Estate Marketing in the 21st Century

  • by Michael Smythe
  • Narrated by Adam Lofbomm
  • 1 hrs and 6 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Real estate marketing has gotten really complicated.
The same real estate marketing strategies that worked 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago, seem to change as quickly as the housing market.
And with the good old days (or as I like to call them, 2005) long gone, realtors need to have a real estate marketing plan that's cheap, effective and flexible enough to move with the changing marketing landscape.
And Facebook is the perfect vehicle for your real estate marketing efforts.
I know, Facebook? You mean that annoying social network where people share every single thought that comes into their brain and barrage you with Mafia Wars invites?
Yeah, that Facebook.
Here's the thing: as realtors we aren't selling widgets or refrigerators or iPhone adapters. We are selling our experience, and our relationship with our clients.
And when it comes to the touchy-feely world of marketing relationships nothing works quite as well as Facebook.
As long as you do it right.
Because there are so many ways to do it wrong.
And that's why I wrote this book. To help other realtors struggling with:

What do I post?
When do I post?
How do I post?
How do I get fans?
How do I not waste my time with Facebook?

I don't claim to be a total Facebook expert, but I do claim to have made every mistake in the book. (And hopefully learned a little something in the process.)
And that's why I wrote Real Estate Marketing in the 21st Century Vol.2: Facebook Marketing for Realtors
So what do I cover in the book?


In Chapter 1: Yeah, But How Do I Make Money With Facebook?...I lay out a simple plan for turning all those fans and likes into actual leads and clients. (The method may surprise you.)

In Chapter 2: 5 Biggest Fan-Page Mistakes Realtors Make...I show you the absolute top 5 things you gotta do when setting up your fan page, and how to absolutely crush the competition.

In Chapter 3: The 3 Keys to Facebook Posting...I break down the when, what, and how of facebook posting with a simple, easy formula that even a congressman could follow.

In Chapter 4: Custom Apps (Why They are your Best friend)...I explain how Facebook royally tries to screw us over as marketers, and how custom apps help you take back the power with focused little silos of lead-generating content.

In Chapter 5: How to Get a Boatload of Fans...I show to get a boatload of fans.

In Chapter 6: Facebook Advertising for Realtors...I dig into my favorite types of Facebook ad types, and how to use them for top effectiveness. (And with as little cost as possible.)

And lastly, in Chapter 7: How to Put Your Facebook Marketing on autopilot...i show you how to get other people to do all the work for you. (Yeah!)

So, that's it! I've put everything I know about Facebook marketing for realtors into this book. Hopefully it gives you a good foundation for your Real estate marketing strategies and helps you make a whole lot of money!


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  • Release Date: 24-01-2014
  • Publisher: Toplocker Media