The Complete YouTube Book

  • by Michel Gerard, Jerry Banfield
  • Narrated by Jerry Banfield
  • 7 hrs and 46 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

YouTube connected me with a way of living that is awesome. How can you do it? Listen to this book to find out! Making videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and my website is what I do now full time. This book explains each part of the system I use that you can duplicate! I am honored and very lucky that I can start every day off making videos. That's my full time job now and that's what I do. I have my own company and I work for myself. I make videos every day to put on my online courses. Then, I put some of those videos as free previews on my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel, Jerry Banfield, has 72,000+ subscribers, more than eight million views, and 922+ videos. I absolutely love it!
What I'm offering you in this book is not a system to do exactly what I'm doing, but an idea of what might work to find your passion for what you want to do. The magic in what I'm doing is that I love doing it! I don't do it as a means to an end and I'm not trying to go anywhere. I'm happy right where I am, right here, talking to you today. That is the miracle. I'm not trying to use this so I can get somewhere else. I'm not trying to make this into a stepping stone, so then I can do something bigger. This is the big thing I'm doing and I love it! If you want this to be the big thing you are doing, then you have got the basics in this book of exactly what you can do to make that happen. Ultimately, exceptional things through creativity happen when you love what you are doing, you are present when you are doing it and you are not doing it as a means to an end. You can see a lot of online courses and videos everywhere, where it is just a means to and end and where there is no real passion. You often have to struggle really hard to create things like that too because you have to work against your inner self. You have got to fight by making scripts and forcing everything together somehow. I make things nearly effortlessly because it comes from the soul. There is almost no resistance to it and it just comes out. It just explodes out of me into existence online. That's the power I'm offering you by what I share in this book.
I'll give you a lot of the technical details on how you can go through and do some of these things. Now, if you want success with it, it is up to you to find an area that you are passionate about. I haven't seen this covered in other books or online courses. You can do an infinite number of things, but there is only one thing you are going to do right now, that you would be fulfilling your inner purpose, that you would feel it is the right thing to do, and when you match up with that, everything becomes almost effortless. That's not to say your whole life is perfect, and you don't have some down times, but your work becomes a flow of creativity and passion. YouTube is a great venue to explore this. By doing webcam videos, screen captures or even just putting other videos together. What I am giving you is a powerful set of tools, where you can use this to work and make videos at home full time. But if you are doing it to try and get somewhere else, it is not going to work. If you want to do this, find your passion in it. That can be scary and you will have to make changes to your life lots of times to get things to work exactly the way you want them to. Listen to this book to take a leap of faith with me in advancing your knowledge and opportunities on YouTube!


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Don't bother wasting your time

I returned this book half way through. It isn't a step by step guide but more of the author telling you about all the money problems in his Life, about his alcoholism, how he has been trolled online, how much he as earned online with his paid online courses (which he does tell you to check out) and he doesn't really give you any key information to help you on your path. The author nitrates himself which doesn't do it professionally, at one point he has a small convocation with someone that walking in on him while recording. There are other better, shorter and factual based guides out there.
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- Boulder120


My second book of Jerrys in a month, very interesting and informative. I've become a fan already, thanks Jerry good work.
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- jeff brown

Book Details

  • Release Date: 27-09-2016
  • Publisher: Jerry Banfield