• by Hermann Hesse
  • Narrated by Harish Bhimani
  • 4 hrs and 33 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Hermann Hesse's classic novel Siddhartha, takes place in ancient India around the time of the Buddha (6th century BC). Siddhartha and his companion Govinda set out in search of enlightenment. Siddhartha goes through a series of changes and realizations as he attempts to achieve this goal. Siddhartha joins the ascetics, visits Gotama, embraces his earthly desires, and finally communes with nature, all in an attempt to attain Nirvana. The novel shows how the path to enlightenment cannot be conferred to another person because it is different for everyone and will likely never be achieved simply by listening to or obeying an enlightened one. Words and teachings may describe the truth but are not the Truth itself; being concepts, they trap you, since enlightenment means release from concepts.


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Everything and All You Need.

Ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm ohmm ohmmm ohmmmm ohmmmmm ohmmmmmm ohmmmmmmm...........
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- Jim

A profound book...for people who don't like books

I came here following a post on reddit starting
"Just finished Siddartha...blew my mind"

I am still bewildered as to how they wrote this without the word "lol" afterwards

This book consists of a boy experiencing no inner turmoil or interesting thoughts whilst trying out a few different life experiences (religious man, merchant, ferryman).
After each stilted life-transition, he then proceeds to explain to the reader a series of musings about life which had no relation to his experience; but have clearly just been shoehorned in because Hesse was trying to set the world record for "Most different ways to have your protagonist show how wise he is"

Here are a few of the methods by which achieves enlightenment: Almost meeting Buddha, almost sleeping with a stranger he meets, looking at a river, looking at the forest, looking at some stones, letting his estranged son run away.

Like bland characters with the charisma of a Religious Studies text book?
Like a story which only lasts for the equivalent of 150 pages and still feels like the author was struggling to meet the word count?
Do you like the charcters/author to directly explain the philosophical argument to you, rather than explore it thoroughly via a well thought-out narrative?
Then this is the book for you, my friend
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- James Alexander Ince

Book Details

  • Release Date: 16-03-2010
  • Publisher: Alpha DVD