Darkness Exposed : A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery

  • by Terri Reid
  • Narrated by Erin Spencer
  • Series: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery
  • 6 hrs and 33 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Jeannine appeared in the room across from Mary. Her face was streaked with tears and she was visibly trembling. “Mary, I remembered,” she cried. “I remembered and it was awful.”
The time has finally come for Mary to investigate Jeannine’s murder. As all clues point to someone in Bradley’s old neighborhood, Mary and Ian move into the former Alden residence and pose as newlyweds to set Mary up as bait for the killer. With Stanley and Rosie at their side, they expose the darkness hidden in the depths of Bradley’s old neighborhood.


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Niggles become flat out mistakes!

With the first books I reviewed in this series I mentioned the problems I had with the overall product.

Namely that although overall these series of books are right up my alley, there were a couple of niggles I had with the first book. However I decided to give the next two books in the series a go. Although the problems remained they were small enough that I might have overlooked them and carried on buying the next couple of books.

Unfortunately in this book those early niggles have turned into flat out errors!

I'll start with the previous issues.

The first is the narration. It's stilted at times, and pretty much delivered in the same tone throughout.

However the biggest problem I had was the references to some of the storylines in the previous books. If you haven't listened to those books then those references are hard to put into context as they don't seem fully explained.

So, onto the glaring mistakes.

In this book Mary and Ian go undercover in Bradley's old house. When Mary asks who now owns the place Bradley explains he couldn't part with the house.

In the first book, chapter 21, about 7 minutes in you get the following: '18 months ago he finally stopped and took a good look at his life. He'd lost his home, his savings, his job, his friends, and very nearly lost his mind.'

Okay, so he lost his home. Yet suddenly here it is in his possession because emotionally he couldn't sell the place?

Mistake number two. Now, without seeing the print version I have no way of telling if this is a recording/narration error, or if it's a written error. But it's still an error. We're introduced to several new characters who were Bradey's old neightbours. Including a character with the first name of Gary. Fine so far, but the confusion come with his surname. It's pronounced both Cooper and Copper. And not just once either. Frankly it's hard to know which surname to give him. I'm guessing Copper because that is used a bit more than Cooper, but don't quote me on that.

So sadly I'm not buying any further books in the series. Which is a real shame. I like Mary. I thought the overall premise had potential. But when you get books littered with mistakes, then you're not getting value for money.
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- Crackdown

Book Details

  • Release Date: 17-04-2014
  • Publisher: Terri Reid