Wicked Beginning : Ivy Morgan

  • by Lily Harper Hart
  • Narrated by Angel Clark
  • Series: Ivy Morgan
  • 18 hrs and 56 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Ivy Morgan is a witch with a mind of her own. What she doesn't need is romantic entanglements. That's why Jack Harker's appearance in her life is such a conundrum.
Jack Harker has a haunted past and all he wants is peace and quiet. He's left a life of violence and despair behind for the comforts of home and country. He might find peace in Ivy's presence, but he'll never find quiet.
Ivy and Jack are on a crash course for love, but they also have murder and mayhem in their way.
This omnibus includes the first three books in the Ivy Morgan Mystery series. Sit back and enjoy Wicked Days, Wicked Dreams and Wicked Times.


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Customer Reviews

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Potentially good but actually very disappointing

[{ "answer" : "Angel Clark's narration is great but I would be reluctant to try another book written by Lily Harper Hart", "type" : "Overall", "question" : "Would you try another book written by Lily Harper Hart or narrated by Angel Clark?", "id" : 226, "typeString" : "overall" }, { "answer" : "", "type" : "Story", "question" : "What will your next listen be?", "id" : 195, "typeString" : "story" }, { "answer" : "Angel Clarke seems to be a consistently good narrator, judging by the other series I've listened to which she has narrated.", "type" : "Performance", "question" : " Have you listened to any of Angel Clark’s other performances? How does this one compare? ", "id" : 214, "typeString" : "performance" }, { "answer" : "The scenes I would cut are the ones where the supposedly strong-willed Ivy allows the obsessive and controlling Jack to walk all over her - for example, the occasions when he refuses to leave her house (knowing he's bigger and stronger than she is so she can't physically eject him) and she does nothing to prevent him from getting away with it.", "type" : "Genre", "question" : "If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Wicked Beginning?", "id" : 253, "typeString" : "genre" }, { "answer" : "Sadly these books have a consistent thread of a supposedly strong woman allowing a controlling man, who is obsessing over her, to walk all over her. He spies on her, stalks her, openly follows her, and refuses to leave her house, Beyond making a few token verbal objections, she does NOTHING to stop him. She even stops her brother from beating him up and prevents him from throwing this man out of her house! <br/><br/>And it's all written as if this "relationship" is meant to be a Good Thing for her. Her relatives encourage it, apparently because having a contolling obsessive for a boyfriend is better than not having a man in your life...!!! <br/><br/>I couldn't continue to listen to it. <br/><br/>I didn't finish the third book because I could see that, despite his abandoning her when she'd been shot, accosting her in the woods, following her home and forcing his way inside, and then climbing into her bed while she was drugged to insensibility, she was going to take him back and continue to allow him to be controlling and dictatorial toward her. <br/><br/>This author seems to have peculiar ideas about what constitutes a good relationship and to what a woman should allow a controlling partner to do to her. <br/><br/>Teddy", "type" : "Misc", "question" : "Any additional comments?", "id" : -1, "typeString" : "misc" } ]
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- Teddy


Would you try another book written by Lily Harper Hart or narrated by Angel Clark?


Would you ever listen to anything by Lily Harper Hart again?


If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Wicked Beginning?

Every scene where Ivy and Jack interacts! My God, this was bad! Really bad! How on earth can this whiny thirteen year old egocentric girl (I know she's older but it's hard to see) and this totally incompetent male police man who sounds like a thirteen year old boy even... Oh, so bad!

Any additional comments?

I didn't have very high hopes for this book but I was willing to try it for some light reading. It was really bad. It's supposed to be about two adults and they are sooo silly, like unmature teenagers and they just keeps on whining! The characters are unintresting and the story is unlikely and not very intresting at all, which if the charachters was some people you did want to read about doesn matter, but now it's so obvious. I will never read another book by Lily Harper Hart nad I don't think I will listen to a book narreted by Angel Clark either. Her very hig pitched voice really emphazises the whining.

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- Rebecca

Book Details

  • Release Date: 17-10-2016
  • Publisher: Amanda M. Lee