Filthy 50 Stories of Lesbian Erotica

  • by Sofia Miller, Riley Davis, Lora Lane, Kaylee Jones, Nora Walker, Ellie North, Joni Blake, Jessica Silver, April Fisher, Roxy Rhodes
  • Narrated by Sophia Chambers, Yvonne Syn, Concha di Pastoro, Tanya Patrick, Rebecca Wolfe, Felicity Knight, Adria Snyder
  • 24 hrs and 31 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

This collection of 50 hot girl-on-girl sex stories is all about lust between horny women. It's time to experience sexy lesbian sex! Hot stories including lesbian sex with a hot repairwoman, lesbian sex in public, lesbian sex with the college professor, lesbian revenge sex, and more - all in this collection of 50 explicit lesbian erotica stories. In the mood for some lesbian seduction? This collection can be on your device in seconds.
Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, sex toys, lesbian bondage, girl-on-girl sex, office lesbian sex, and more. Only mature adults who won't find that offensive should listen to this collection.
Here are the stories!
1. "My Roommate's Tongue: My First Lesbian Experience at College" by Ellie North
2. "Housewives on Vacation: Hot First Time Lesbian Sex Between Friends" by Lora Lane
3. "My Life Lesson in the Classroom: First Lesbian Encounter with the Professor" by Kaylee Jones
4. "Workplace Arrangement: First Time Lesbian Sex with the Boss" by Sofia Miller
5. "Emma's Story: My First Lesbian Lover" by Riley Davis
6. "My Notebook of Revenge: Lesbian Revenge Sex with My Ex's Girlfriend" by Ellie North
7. "Frankie the IT Girl: Hot First Time Lesbian Sex at the Office" by Lora Lane
8. "Office Party with a Twist: Lesbian Sex with the Boss" by Kaylee Jones
9. "My Doctor's Skilled Hands: First Time Lesbian Bondage" by Sofia Miller
10. "Not Just Another Wedding: Lesbian Seduction at My Best Friend's Wedding" by Riley Davis
11. "Claire's Best Friend: My College Lesbian Lover" by Ellie North
12. "Emma's Study Partner: First Time Lesbian Sex in Public" by Lora Lane
13. "The Sweet Bridal Suite: Having a Lesbian Stripper on My Wedding Night" by Kaylee Jones
14. "A Very Personal Assistant: Domination and Submission Lesbian Sex" by Sofia Miller
15. "My New Friend Lindsey: Maybe I'm a Lesbian" by Riley Davis
16. "An Experiment in the Park: First Time Lesbian Sex in Public" by Ellie North
17. "Sandy's New Girlfriend: First Time Lesbian Sex with a Friend" by Lora Lane
18. "A Temporary Encounter: Lesbian Sex with a Co-Worker" by Kaylee Jones
19. "Keeping Me Chaste: Lesbian Experience with My New Roommate" by Sofia Miller
20. "Sharon's Smile: My Lesbian Office Crush" by Riley Davis
21. "Leah's Lesbian Friend: First Time Lesbian Sex with My Friend" by Ellie North
22. "Leslie's Dorm Room Dancing: First Time Lesbian Sex in College" by Lora Lane
Plus 28 more!
Read by: Veronica Holly, Rebecca Wolfe, Adria Snyder, Yvonne Syn, Marie Smith, Tanya Patrick, Kelly Morgan, Ruby Rivers, Kathryn LaPlante, Cheyanne Humble, Concha di Pastoro, Felicity Knight, Sabrina Carleton, Mavie Rose, Sophia Chambers, Anita Palmer, Sophie Creed, Veronica Fox, Lily, and Penelope Rose