Journey into Chastity

  • by Stanley Jeffries
  • Narrated by Benjamin Foster
  • 10 hrs and 29 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Journey Begins!
John is a college student currently separated from his fiancée, Laura, while she begins a hot sexual affair with her roommate Christine. Though John is anxious to have Laura back, with Christine now a permanent fixture in Laura’s life, the terms of the relationship are about to radically change. Either John agrees to be submissive in a ménage a trois with two dominant females, or he’s out.
Eager to stay in Laura’s good graces John agrees to anything, including public humiliation, panty wearing, and Laura’s unique punishment for unauthorized masturbation: a locking chastity device. She tricks him into putting it on, not telling him that Christine has the keys. Later, he learns from Christine that a key has been hidden in his weekend bag all along. But now, the demanding Christine wants him to consciously choose to remain in chastity! John can’t help wonder who’s running the relationship, Laura or Christine?
As the two femmes take charge, John is trained to serve their every whim, to call them mistress, and play their humiliating sexual games. When he fails to please this daunting duo, he suffers a variety of painful punishments, from bondage to whipping to being sodomized with a strap-on. Despite the rough demands of his new life, John finds his surrendering role strangely pleasing, and highly erotic. All misgivings aside, he’s still in love with Laura, and willing to slavishly serve both women in order to have her.
But how long can this strange ménage a trois survive? Will John ever have Laura to himself again? Is Christine really falling in love with him? Although John’s journey into chastity has just begun, it’s certain to take some curious twists as these two lovely, in charge females turn this wary college boy into their groveling slave. A fast-paced Femdom saga, with a rich cast of characters, cunning Dommes and sizzling Femdom scenes, from teasingly playful to sheer torture.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Should be retitled 'Journey into Boredom'

This book is about as erotic as watching skin form on porridge. The characters are very one dimensional and the 'hero'? is both leaden and wooden. The story has no excitement and boring. I did try to stick with it just in case it warmed up, got interesting and erotic.

Managed to read it for 30 minuets before I just fell asleep with ear fatigue.......

The reader did not help, however I lay the blame firmly at the author's door. Not a good read at all, very disappointed, should be re-classified under 'Avoid Like the Plague'.......
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- StephenLion

Book Details

  • Release Date: 23-09-2011
  • Publisher: Mars Audio Books