Barefoot in Pearls : The Barefoot Bay Brides

  • by Roxanne St. Claire
  • Narrated by Meghann Dreyfuss
  • Series: The Barefoot Bay Brides
  • 9 hrs and 10 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

As her two best friends settle into their happily ever afters, destination wedding designer Arielle Chandler is beginning to wonder if the promise of "The One" - one true love, meant only for her - is merely folklore passed down from her Native American grandmother. But when a mysterious man nearly mows her down on a hill overlooking Barefoot Bay, the legend of destined love suddenly feels very real. That is, until Ari learns of Luke McBain's plans to demolish a piece of land she believes is sacred. Luke isn't proud of the fact that he spent ten years as a mercenary warrior, fighting battles for another country. With those dark days behind him, he's focused on creating a new life instead of destroying others, so he's moved to Barefoot Bay to launch a contracting business and build a house for an old friend. But when an enigmatic dark-eyed beauty steals his attention and stops his progress with her announcement that he is about to flatten a native burial ground, Luke has a new battle to fight.
While their immediate and potent attraction grows complicated, Luke and Ari discover the hills of Barefoot Bay could be hiding something far different - and even more valuable - than ancient art or graves. They are determined to discover the truth, but that will come at a cost. Will they risk their chance at once-in-a-lifetime love to uncover secrets that could change the landscape of Barefoot Bay forever?


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Customer Reviews

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Decent romance with slightly annoying heroine

This is the third in the series and is a fairly decent addition. You don’t need to have read the rest of the books to enjoy this one.

It made a nice change that the H and h were openly attracted to each other from the start and there is a really great flirtation scene during the wedding in the opening chapters. Things go wrong (of course) when the h finds herself very opposed to the development plans of the H, while the H desperately needs the development to be successful to get his new business started.

I have to admit to a little irritation at the persistence of the h in insisting that the H jumps through multiple hoops to allay her suspicion that he is about to build on a historic site. She pretty much decided it was a historical site on minimal evidence and then expected him to disprove this “fact”. There was also a bit too much about her “intuition”, and her obsession about “the one true love” she was keeping herself celibate for (while apparently thinking it ok to do pretty much everything else as long as she doesn’t “go all the way” – are we in high school here?). The H was so very patient with her various obsessions and I found myself sometimes thinking he deserved someone just a bit more rational. In some places the book started to feel a bit preachy about conservation, preservation etc etc. and I do get tired of writers letting these politically correct issues take over the plot. Throughout all this the h blew so hot and cold about whether or not she was going to actually have sex with the H that she came over as a bit of a tease.

This book had excellent narration (as opposed to book two in the series which I could not finish as the narration was so bad). It was a fairly decent romance, and I will happily read more by the same writer, but for the reasons above I won’t be listening to this one again. Sorry, just a bit to much of the “woo woo” stuff for me!
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- Susan

Book Details

  • Release Date: 23-03-2015
  • Publisher: Audible Studios