• by John Prescott
  • Narrated by Wayne June
  • 16 hrs and 4 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The year is 2016, and America is no more. The United States, Canada, and Mexico now comprise a single, unified front to the world: the North American Union. Implanted ID chips are soon to become mandatory for every citizen of the NAU, and Trez Sleighton, a disgruntled ex-Army officer, takes to the mountains of Colorado to come to terms with the changing world-and his own hand in the whole mess.
Then sounds the trumpet.
Around the planet, people simply disappear.
In their wake, monsters of legend suddenly roam free to terrorize those who have been left behind. The legendary Nephilim, half-angels who struggle with their own demons, walk the earth in both darkness and light. The world's most beloved celebrity, movie star Samouel Gallo, comes forward to make a long-awaited announcement that might mean world peace-or world damnation.
Meanwhile, a handful of the remaining citizens of the NAU feel the call to go west. Stricken by the loss of their loved ones, alienated by the inhumanity that has consumed their cities, these select few are moved by an inexplicable impulse to converge on a small town tucked away in the Rocky Mountains... a town most of them have never even heard about. As their paths turn toward Shaleford, CO, where Trez is struggling to understand an apocalyptic truth, the rest of the world waits to hear what tidings Samouel Gallo will bring. Is he the man of legend-a Bringer of Peace? Is he the archenemy of old? Is he... the Antichrist?
Open the pages of Pray and journey with those who set out to fight for their salvation as the world races to its horrific conclusion.
The Book of Revelation just got scarier.


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Customer Reviews

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Take my advice - don't bother!

What disappointed you about Pray?

I confess to having an interest in this genre but I don't want to commit to buy the 10+ books series that you so often see. I wanted a complete story in one book. I expect these stories to come from those with a religious rather than literary background but I thin I am right to expect some standard. The story (part from the Apocalyptic progression) is so very poor. An actor goes on TV with world leaders and announces he will take over the world governments and everyone is OK with this - no opposition! Ridiculous when 'werewolves' start to become part of the revelation story. And the writing ... ' ...the military drilled into the mountain like Tolkien dwarves..' really? I really struggled through about 7 of the 14 (or so) hours of this story but when the character of Miss Netty was introduced, I could;t continue. Absolutely appalling on so many levels.

What could John Prescott have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

There's just too much nonsense in the book to sustain it. The author should really cut unnecessary sensationalism by about 30%.

Would you be willing to try another one of Wayne June’s performances?

No, the performance is almost as bad as the writing. Very limited and stereotypical.

What character would you cut from Pray?

I would cut Miss Netty - the 'uncle Tom' stereotypical black woman from New Orleans, from the book. I would like to think we have moved on from there.

Any additional comments?

One of the worst books I have listened to.

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- Jibrail

Book Details

  • Release Date: 18-10-2012
  • Publisher: John Prescott