Secrets and Shadows

  • by L. T. Marie
  • Narrated by Erin Bennett
  • 7 hrs and 23 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Retired Army Staff Sergeant Lee Winters is trying hard to adjust to civilian life. She was released from duty after a bomb in Ramadi injured her and killed her troops, the only people she ever considered her family. Living day-to-day with the knowledge that she was the only one left alive, she hits rock bottom, and an old army buddy persuades her into taking a bodyguard job. Jolene West is injured in an attack meant to get her famous sister’s attention. She resents her sister Tory’s life and plans to move away once she’s healed. In the meantime, Tory has hired a bodyguard to protect Jolene from further attacks, which is just one more thing she resents. What she hadn’t planned on was an undeniable attraction to the woman protecting her body. Both women will try to fight their growing attraction for each other until one of them gives in or dies.


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Customer Reviews

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it was ... okay

I did not want to write to harsh a headline, I guess I should be bolder, but Im not a successful author so its not my place. Its simple to say the story, the characters and the writing was okay. There are better stories out there, and I would recommend anyone of Radclyffe's work over this work first. But it does not mean its bad, just that Radclyffe was there first and does it better. The narrator Erin Bennett is very good, one voice that dont fit the lead guitarist (a secondary character) briefly in the story, but she is a great actor/narrator, the sort I would purchase an audiobook. On this story, its 'okay'. The things I did like about it was the observations on ptsd, and the behavior around that (although simplified and condensed), the characters are okay, and the general plot is okay (yes I am using 'okay' a lot), but perhaps overly predictable. The romance is okay as well. But its not special or original, and lacks depth to make up for that. Sure romances follow a pattern, but so does life, its what happens on the way that counts. Here there is so much I have read or heard in other novels, it was hard for me to identify with anything new or unique in this novel. The characters are not deep enough or developed enough, to make up for that. There were cases where dramatic events I felt where rushed when the needed more detail. I was 'okay' with it, but I had the sublime feeling that some wool was being pulled over my eyes, that this someones careful crafting of a romance from what they have read, rather then from their heart.
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- Alice

Not quite sure how to rate this. Lacking somehow.

I was really looking forward to hearing this story. And I was slightly disappointed. I was looking forward to an author bring the realities of PTSD into the story and how it can effect relationships and a persons feelings and emotions. While it did touch on the subject, it didn't really sink its teeth into the aftermath of serious trauma.

Instead it seemed to revolve a lot around the two main characters just giving us constant reasons as to why a relationship wouldn't work. This meant the the aftermath of trauma that can lead onto PTSD tended to be rehashed the whole time, rather than focusing on the overall problems that PTSD can cause.

It also didn't really deal with how PTSD can be treated, and that was a lost opportunity.

Considering that PTSD was a big part of the blurb for the book, overall it was a letdown.

The narrator was not bad, and did a reasonable job.

I'll keep this book as part of my audio library, but I expect it will be one that won't be listened to much in the future.

There are other books out there with far better prose to do with PTSD .. Appalachian Justice: Cedar Hollow, Book 1 by Melinda Clayton is one book that really has a good grasp on how you can include PTSD into the story. This one seemed to lack in comparison.

It was a shame because I could see where the author wanted to go with this, and it almost works, but, for me at least, somehow it just isn't quite there. It's not bad, but it's not quite as good as it could have been.

I'm not too sure exactly why I feel it's lacking because the few times when it did sink into the darkness caused by PTSD it was good, but for whatever reason, personally I found it was not quite what I was expecting to hear.
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- Crackdown

Book Details

  • Release Date: 14-01-2014
  • Publisher: Audible Studios