Settling Up

  • by Eryn Scott
  • Narrated by Annie Abate
  • 6 hrs and 42 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

One bald spot + one 30 year old = zero chance at love.
If there's one thing statistics professor Lauren Sinclair knows, it's probability. And she understands her current equation all too well.
Desperate to get herself back into the dating game, Lauren relies on statistical analysis and a ridiculously detailed list to help her find the perfect man.
Her friend Mack thinks it sounds like she's trying to find a car instead of a husband. What does he know? He's a tattooed, totally-not-her-type Blackjack dealer.
But maybe this professor needs to learn that love is more than a numbers game.


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A favourite

I placed this book into my favourite collection around six chapters into the story. And my decision remains: I love this story. It was humourous to the point that the embarrassing moments had me pause the book so I could outwardly cringe! How someone can mess up situations so charmingly was beyond hilarious. I recall making the same comment about Isla Fisher's character in 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'..

This story is indeed brilliant, it's what any book should aim to do: make you smile and laugh out loud! The story follows a statistics professor who's life seems to spiral out of control with the emergence of a bald spot, early one morning. This sends her on a mission to score a guy, as quickly as possible. But not just any guy, but someone she can settle down with. I'd say she's halfway there, for one thing she certainly knows what she's looking for. She has a precise shopping-type list. Now, if only she could find someone who would fit the mould.

Accompanying her on this bizarre mission, she has her sister and an unlikely candidate of a strange man- her new Blackjack dealer at her local casino. She makes a habit of heading there, she's good with numbers, far better than with people and it calms her. And, Mack, the new guy, dishes out pretty good advice- he seems to have had a run in with love once, and so becomes Lauren's accomplice in her wild quest of finding love. And, he enjoys her stories and tales of her bad dates...A good friendship develops, but do either of them want more? How will thimgs end up, when Lauren's 'perfect on paper' man walks into her life?

There's so much I've left out, for you have no idea just how weird and charmingly insane Lauren is, you have no idea how Mack is such a good man.....I've left out a lot, to allow you the opportunity to enjoy such a story. In need of some advice? Keep an open mind throughout.

With these sort of books, books of the romance genre, there's always an obvious formula for the beginning, middle and end of the story. For this book though, I really kept an open mind, I didn't even stop to check how much I had left of the story....I just went with the flow, and when it went off was exciting, the ending came as a surprise.

This story reminds me of a philosophy some men I know follow, it goes like this: 'be mean, to keep 'em keen'. The (what I would call) 'ridiculous notion' that respect and adoration isn't required, that it's too boring, and off- putting. I was pleased to find that there was a man in this book who actually cared for Lauren, respected her and treated her well, and challenged the idea that such a relationship can be boring at all. I hate to think that such men are rare gems. But it certainly made the story more beautiful, a love story with a happily ever after. Ther was good banter between the characters, sexual tension- hinting at the obvious, but repeatedly denied, chemistry. The comedy was genius.

The narrator, Annie Abate, did an incredible job of this book. Her voice kept the book light and fun and she performed the voices really well, very talented! Her voice was fitting for all the characters, particularly Lauren!

I've had a chance to read Eryn Scott's work in the past and, for the longest time I thought nothing could top 'A Chance for Sunny Skies'. But, 'Settling Up' did just that!

I received this book for free through the author, in exchange for an honest review.
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- Sara Niña

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-10-2016
  • Publisher: Eryn Carpenter