The Settlers of Catan

  • by Rebecca Gable
  • Narrated by Ralph Lister
  • 24 hrs and 35 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The year is 850. In the seas of northern Europe, the small coastal village of Elasund falls prey to marauding neighbors. Their food stores pillaged, women and children stolen, livestock destroyed, the villagers are left to barely survive the harsh winter - and contemplate a drastic solution to their recurring hardships: leaving the only village they have ever known. Foster brothers Candamir and Osmund lead their people on an epic quest to a mythic island home, but without knowledge of exactly where the island is, they must trust the gods to deliver them safely. Lost at sea and set adrift, an extraordinarily violent storm washes them ashore the island famed in pagan lore: Catan.
They quickly set about building a new society but old grudges, animosities, and social orders lead to fraternal strife. As the ideals of Candamir’s Christian slave spread throughout the village and conflict with pagan law, the two belief systems clash. When both Osmund and Candamir fall in love with Siglind, the mysterious queen of the Cold Islands, things come to a head. Based on the wildly popular board game of the same name designed by Klaus Teuber, Rebecca Gable’s The Settlers of Catan is a must-read adventure rich in detail and rippling with intensity.


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Customer Reviews

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A long tale of Misery and woe

If this book wasn’t for you, who do you think might enjoy it more?

I have no idea, to be honest im a tolerant man and I enjoyed parts of this book but there was so much doom and gloom. it actually got me down a bit. it was a story of a struggle and became a struggle to listen to.

What will your next listen be?

i think smthing with unicorns and fairies so i dont slit my own wrists.

What three words best describe Ralph Lister’s voice?

just about average

What character would you cut from The Settlers of Catan?

well you can really cut any of them as they all have a role in there.

Any additional comments?

right lads and ladies gaze here in horror on a tale of woe, more so than juliet and her oh no she dies. see thats what happens in this book. its about some people traveling to a far away land after the get raided in thier own and setting up a new life together. but far from trying to expand on new green world and play nice, they all want to kill and steal each other stuff or rape each other. heres the issue.

say you set up a world get me invested in the characters an then some one gets raped. its sad and horrible and you go oh no how will they survive and want to see what happens how they will struggle through. but then the person who just got raped has there brother killed and gets beaten up. your like oh my god . thats horrible im sad. how will they go on and survive.

then the person who is raped and beaten up has there house burnt down. and ur like ok does anything nice happen at all to this person? and then that person is raped again. after the 6th or 7th horrible thing ur like why should i read it. just bad things are happening.

and thats what killed it for me in this book. there is only so many times people can be murderd , raped, sodamized, tortured, kidnapped and betrayed before u go u know what. i dont want to listen any more.

peace out.

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- William

Book Details

  • Release Date: 15-11-2011
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio