The Starving Years: MMM Dystopian Romance

  • by Jordan Castillo Price
  • Narrated by Gomez Pugh
  • 10 hrs and 46 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The chemistry between these three men is undeniable, but is it enough to save Manhattan?
Imagine a world without hunger.
In 1960, a superfood was invented that made starvation a thing of the past. Manna, the cheaply manufactured staple food, is now as ubiquitous as salt in the world's cupboards, pantries and larders.
Nelson Oliver knows plenty about manna. He's a food scientist–according to his diploma, that is. Lately, he's been running the register at the local video rental dive to scrape together the cash for his outrageously priced migraine medication.
In a job fair gone bad, Nelson hooks up with copywriter Javier and his computer-geek pal Tim, who whisks them away from the worst of the fiasco in his repurposed moving truck. At least, Nelson thinks those two are acquainted, but they're acting so evasive about it, he's not sure how they know each other, exactly. Javier is impervious to Nelson's flirting, and Tim's name could appear in the dictionary under the entry for "awkward." And with a riot raging through Manhattan and yet another headache coming on, it doesn't seem like Nelson will get an answer anytime soon.
One thing's for sure, the tension between the three of them is thick enough to cut with a knife...even one of those dull plastic dealies that come in the package with Mannariffic EZ-Mealz.
The Starving Years is a must-read for fans of dystopian romance looking for scorching M/M/M chemistry in a fast-paced, page-turning adventure.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Needs to be a movie

What to say about this audiobook..... Brilliant, excellent, gripping etc
The whole story was set so it seemed like reality. From the very first chapter the story flowed like watching a very good movie. The characters meshed together so well, each one having quirks and secrets that were revealed as time went on. I really loved the shift of each persons POV, I feel like I know all 3 of the main characters personally. Gomez Pugh and Jordan Castillo Price are a perfect match.
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- Mandy ryder

Dark and gritty with top class narration

Anyone who has ever listened to a Jordan Castillo Price audio book knows that JCP and Gomez Pugh are a winning team.

This story is set in the near future, New York.
A processed and fortified foodstuff called Manna is the meal of the day, every day. The whole world subsides on chemically flavoured processed alfalfa and there are only a handful of multinationals who produce the stuff, and cream the profits. So here we find Haktivist Tim, Journalist Javier and Food Scientist Nelson thrown together trying to find out what has been going on with Manna Production that is bad enough to cause riots. The subject matter is dark, gritty and believable. But in the darkness there is a three way romance between the men.

There is not as much sex as i've come to expect in a Jordan Castillo Price book, as its plot heavy, and honestly, after characters like Vic & Jacob, and Michael and Wild Bill, the characters in this book are not my favorite MCs. But the story is a well plotted, enjoyable ride, and ends with a HFN.
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- Redbird

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-07-2016
  • Publisher: JCP Books LLC