American RadioWorks presents Red Runs the Vistula

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Publisher's Summary

In August 1944, five years after the start of World War II, the people of Warsaw, armed with just a few guns and gasoline bombs, rose up against the German occupation of their city. The uprising was meant to last just 48 hours. Instead, it went on for two months. A quarter of a million people were killed and the Polish capital was razed to the ground. It was one of the great tragedies of World War II, and yet it is rarely talked about outside Poland. This documentary tells the story of the Warsaw Uprising from the point of view of those who were there. Producers: Julia Rooke and Maria Balinska
Editor: Stephen Smith
Coordinating Producer: Sasha Aslanian
Project Manager: Misha Quill
Assistant Producer: Ellen Guettler
Mixing: Craig Thorson
Web Producer: Ochen Kaylan
Web Production Assistance: Carey Biron and Melody Ng
Web Manager: John Pearson
Web Production Supervisor: Michael Wells
Executive Editor: Stephen Smith
Executive Producer: Bill Buzenberg

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Incredible story, so-so presentation

This is a story that should be taught in schools all over the world, irrespective of nationality, faith or language.

These great people organised and stood up the devastating and vicious might of the Nazi war machine. The reclaimed their capital city and they held out for an unfathomable amount of time - only to be let down by their allies.

So many people overlook the bravery and the contribution of the Polish people throughout the Second World War. When they joined the RAF and fought in the battle of Britain they made the difference between British collapse and British survival.

In this event they came together in the most incredible circumstances. If it was a fiction you would dismiss it. While, ultimately the Warsaw Uprising was eventually put down, the heroes of Warsaw sent a message that should never be forgotten, and should echo through the generations. They stood up against oppression. They made the ultimate sacrifice having chosen to die free, rather than live as slaves.

Today in the UK we have a disgusting political movement that is trying to stigmatise the free movement of hardworking Polish people into our country. They need to listen to this and feel ashamed of their insular views. I'm proud that my next door neighbour is Polish - they are great people - and this is a great event that has been recorded and retold about them.

The telling however, is very average at best. It is cut together from a radio show with unnecessary breaks and pauses. The production quality could be better, the narrative voice could be more involving.

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- Phil

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  • Release Date: 01-10-2004
  • Publisher: American Public Media