Star Trek, The Next Generation: Q-Squared (Adapted)

  • by Peter David
  • Narrated by John de Lancie
  • 2 hrs and 59 mins
  • original_recording Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In all of his travels, Captain Picard has never encountered an opponent more powerful than Q, a being from another continuum that Picard encountered on his very first mission as captain of the starship Enterprise. In the years since, Q has returned to harass Picard and his crew. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes merely obnoxious, Q has always been mysterious and seemingly all-powerful.
But now, Trelane, another member of the continuum whom Captain Kirk and his crew first encountered over 100 years ago, has tapped in to an awesome power source that makes him more powerful than the combined might of the entire continuum. Q warns that, armed with this incredible power, Trelane has become unspeakably dangerous. Now Picard must get involved in an awesome struggle between superbeings. And this time, the stakes are not just Picard's ship, or the galaxy, or even the universe - this time the stakes are all of creation.
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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

The Adaptation really hurts this one

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

I wouldn't, simply because the adaptation from the original book is not done well.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Q. Q is the reason I bought this originally in Hardback, it's why I bought this audiobook. Q rules!

What about John de Lancie’s performance did you like?

Everything really.His whole performance was perfectly done and surprisingly his portrayal as Trelane was my favourite part of this. He was able to show a manic insanity in the character that I'd always had in my head when reading this one.

Could you see Star Trek, The Next Generation: Q-Squared (Adapted) being made into a movie or a TV series? Who would the stars be?

No, the simple reason being it is too far removed now from the continuity of the series. I could see it being redone for a new and complete audiobook with the whole cast of TNG, I'd love to hear Stewart, Dorn, Spiner, Frakes, McFadden, Sirtis and Burton giving life to the different versions of their characters in this one.

Any additional comments?

Too much was cut in the adaptation, background information about the series that a Trekkie would love to hear, the reason why a Q in the continuum would not be named Q and be called Trelane, the resolving of many character aspects that were left hanging without a real conclusion.If you're a Trekkie and have always wanted to see Q face off against Trelane then buy the book, you'll enjoy the interplay far more as the character are fully fleshed out and is one of the better portrayals of TNG put to paper.

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- Alan D. Hardman


Excellent narration but really intrusive and annoying sound effects and music. Disjointed story which I imagine would work far better as a TV episode. It's difficult to work out where you are and which version of the main characters you're listening to.
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- Lulu

Book Details

  • Release Date: 23-08-2000
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio