The Truth about the Philadelphia Experiment

  • by Bill Knell
  • Narrated by Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek
  • 3 hrs and 29 mins
  • Radio/TV Program

Publisher's Summary

A U.S. Navy ship vanishes during a secret World War II experiment gone awry. When it re-appears, observers are horrified to see crew members embedded in the deck and steel of the ship. During a sea trial, the ship vanishes and travels through time, setting off a number of events that continue today. It's not science fiction, it's science fact!
Bill Knell presents a fascinating and unique documentary. You'll meet Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron. They are all survivors of U.S. government experiments involving invisibility, time travel, mind control, psychic warfare, and remote viewing. You will hear about these amazing projects firsthand. You'll experience dramatic recreations and learn about related incidents.
It began as a World War II Navy experiment to demagnetize military vessels, making them invisible to radar. It ended with the USS Eldridge completely disappearing, traveling 40 years into the future. You'll hear firsthand from the Survivors of the original experiment and about more recent projects based on the same technology. Visit the infamous Montauk Military Base at the heart of these operations and learn how the technology allows ships, planes, and people to travel through time. Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols are three men with intimate knowledge of the strange and incredible events that took place and may very well be STILL taking place now. Learn how technology they helped develop and test is being used to change the future. The military CAN send ships, planes, AND people through hyperspace and make them completely invisible. The 911 attack was predicted by those involved in these black operations, because they knew about it years before the event. Prepare for an unprecedented journey into the strange and unknown.


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Customer Reviews

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I listened to this book over and over and over!

Okay granted, the audio is bad and you can skip the first 10 minute introduction. This audio was recorded in 1989! Probably on cassette tapes with 1 microphone in the middle of the room - of course the audio is going to be bad.

Also I'd recommend skipping the first chapter on your 1st listening as it is very technical. Just skip to Chapter 2 - turn up the volume, turn down the treble and get ready to be amazed.

I actually found it very funny in places also. Overall a very good listen - but then I do have a Bachelor's Degree in Physics.
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- Richard

Benjamin Button !

I think I can safely say this is my worst purchase on this site. This is an interview which is remarkable only for the fact of how the interviewers carry on the serious questioning without laughing.

It starts with the author speaking down what sounds like a mobile phone with someone doing the washing up in the background! He then introduces the interview, and there is that much static on it, its like some is running a tap in the background.

I really enjoyed the film, and was really wanting to know a bit behind the experiments, but get prepared for 30 foot monsters who eat buildings, time travel machines, alien chairs, area 51, de-aging people in a real life benjamin button way to double your life span all mixed together into a big web of mystery.

I think they went a bit far myself.
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- Trevor

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-02-2011
  • Publisher: Reality Entertainment