Breath Sweeps Mind

  • by Jakusho Kwong-roshi
  • 6 hrs and 54 mins
  • Speech

Publisher's Summary

From a Dharma successor to the late Shunryu Suzuki-roshi comes Breath Sweeps Mind, an invitation to experience the living presence of a true Zen master. With more than 40 years of experience practicing traditional Zen, Jakusho Kwong-roshi removes some of the mystery surrounding this enigmatic philosophy. Here is clear instruction in its core principles and how it relates to our everyday world, including methods of zazen meditation, why delusion is inseparable from enlightenment, turning our light inward, and more. Breath Sweeps Mind presents a refreshing and easily accessible transmission of Zen practice to help us return to our own profundity ¿ which is always with us ¿ and realize the richness of this very moment.


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Jakusho Kwong Will Sweep You Away

If you have read Eckhardt Tolle or Deepak Chopra, if you are seeking a more fulfilled and peaceful existence, if you have an interest in the spiritual then this is for you. Jakusho Kwong is a long-practising Zen monk with a large following worldwide.

You need not want to know anything about Zen to benefit from this beautiful audiobook. Jakusho Kwong's voice is so relaxing and he puts modern life into perspective - perfect for those hectic journeys to work. He talks about his experiences with breathing and meditation. He talks about his experiences with mindfulness and things 'as they are'.

I have listened to this audiobook twice already and it's my first choice when I have a long drive or stressful work situation forthcoming. It has helped me learn to focus on one thing at a time, to meditate and to remember to breathe!

Jakusho Kwong has such a big heart. In one of his stories he chances upon a dying man, and retells the experience so vividly that it made me cry. Beautiful.

He really does possess the Power of Now!
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- Lyndi

Breath Sweeps Mind

As the other reviewer has already stated, this is a beautiful book, narrated beautifully by Jakusho Kwong-roshi, but . . . .spoiled totally by the publishers, who have decided to use the two minutes 'silence' at the end of each section, as indicated by the traditional ringing of three bells, to tell you what you are listening to, and who the publishers are, not once, but twice, by a loud american female, interspersed with the playing of loud, pseudo oriental sounding panpipes, leaving no time for thought unless you actually pause or stop the CD.

This harsh treatment at the end of every section of what is a peaceful, thoughtful and tranquil book was so disappointing, and somewhat jarring on the nerves. I'm sure if Jakusho Kwong-roshi were to listen to what the publishers have done throughout this recording of his talks, he would be mortified.

The ringing of three bells at the start of each section, and two bells at the end, is explained by Jakusho at the beginning of the audiobook, so it is expected and anticipated. This two minutes 'silence' is supposed to be used for quiet reflection on the beautiful words that have been spoken, and would have complimented the book perfectly, given that is based on Zen thoughts and ideals.

I would have given it one star purely because the publishers spoiled my enjoyment, but that would be at the expense of such a beautiful, thought provoking book, by a wonderful teacher.

If you can cope with fast forwarding at the end of the sections, whilst getting lost in thought, then don't let my review put you off. This audiobook really is a must.
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- Amazon Customer

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-08-2007
  • Publisher: Sounds True