Q.U.I.T Emotional Eating

  • by William Briggs
  • Narrated by Rick Baverstock
  • 0 hrs and 30 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Do you grab a pint of ice cream when you are having a bad day? Do you find yourself heading for the fridge whenever you are upset? Do you find your cookie jar empty in the morning after you binged on them the night before?
Emotional eating is a common problem. In fact, emotional eating is a fairly normal human reaction. There will always be stress factors in the workplace or at home. There will always be deadlines. There will always be telephone calls to make. There will always be someone that will nag you for one thing or another. On the other hand, if you find yourself unable to control yourself eating after you feel any emotion, this is a problem. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be fixed. All it takes is a desire to stop emotional eating, learning about emotional eating and what causes it, understanding that you are the only one responsible for your eating regardless of external influences, and an open mind to the ways to cease your emotional eating.
This is the basis for QUIT, the four steps to stop emotional eating. QUIT is a four step method to quit emotional eating. Like the acronym "ROY G BIV" you learned in elementary school to remember the colors of the rainbow, QUIT is an acronym to help you remember the four steps.
Q stands for "Question Yourself about Your Emotional Eating." It is important to question yourself about your emotional eating because this will give you an understanding about why you want to stop and why you binge the way you do. U stands for "Understand What the Problem Is." Equally important as questioning yourself about your emotional eating is making an effort to understand what the fundamental problem is. Many people will say they have a problem but have no idea what the problem is. There are many reasons why people emotionally eat and it is important to understand what drives you to emotionally eat. I stands for "I Am the Sole Decision Maker in My Choice to Stop Emotionally Eating." It is important that you stop because you want to stop not because someone else wants you to stop. You are the one who makes the decisions about you every moment of every day. You can't blame others for your decisions. T stands for "Take control and Think Positive." We cover different ways you can stop emotional eating and other information that will aid you in your journey to stop emotional eating. And there you have it - QUIT, the four steps to stop your emotional eating. Then this audiobook is for you. Download it right now and start your "New Beginning" today!


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  • Release Date: 19-03-2013
  • Publisher: Arrabella Publishing