Quit Drinking Hypnosis

  • by Craig Beck
  • 0 hrs and 45 mins
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Publisher's Summary

The Craig Beck stop drinking method is unique...

No need to declare yourself an alcoholic.
A permanent cure, not a lifetime struggle.
No group meetings or expensive rehab.
No humiliation, no pain and 100% no ‘will power’ required.
Treats the source of the problem not the symptoms.

Thousands of people around the world have stopped drinking using the ‘Alcohol Lied To Me’ principle. In this audiobook you have access to the hypnosis tracks which are used daily to further embed your new beliefs and positive subconscious programming.


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Thanks Craig just what I needed a miracle.........

Having been a member of AA since I was 24 and being immersed in nonsense

regards alcoholism I was delighted to hear this excellent book! I stayed sober in AA for 8 years through fear mainly, then I relapsed! To mysuprise members avoided me like the palgue just when I needed them most! For the next 16 years I attended meetings but relapsed every six months or so - I never believed AA's teaching regards the defective human being who becomes/or is at birth an 'alcoholic' - I always suspected the drug alcohol was NOT safe! After wandering to meetings on and of for those years I hated the smugness of those abusive sober members - it was all my fault they said I was 'sick'! At Criag puts it all in prespective and gives great insight and advice on how to never desire booze again!!!! AA siad this not possible without boring AA meetings! The hypnotic tracks I found were excellent at clearing the subconscous of 'false' beliefs about alcohol from as far back as childhood!

After a lifetime struggle I have walked free and will never go back ever -

thank you Craig a well researched audio book based on personal experience well worth the small asking price! If you are experiencing an alcohol problem,

and which drinker isnt?, then this is your gateway out! I cannot praise this book highly enough! One I hope the world will see the nonsense spouted by AA is false and the same nonsense keeps the rehabilitation industry in business staffed by AA members who become 'counsellors' and have a vestd interest in the stupid 12 step program of blame the victim! One day the world may get the rehabiltation industry it deserves and if it does it will be based on the sort of information and support found in this book! Alcohol is a poison sold in attractive bottles that will kill you or at least detroy your life - we wised up on smoking why not wise up on alcohol - and if there is a God please stop AA supporting the alcohol industry by blaming the unwilling addict!
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- john

I find this to be a bad joke

What disappointed you about Quit Drinking Hypnosis?

as a hypnosis this does not even start to a qualify... I am rather speechless how NOT hypnotising the audio is...do not waste your money

Would you ever listen to anything by Craig Beck again?


How could the performance have been better?

how could it have been worse

You didn’t love this book--but did it have any redeeming qualities?


Any additional comments?

will try Paul McKenna, unfortunately not provided by audible

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- Stina Klein-Bissett

Book Details

  • Release Date: 30-04-2012
  • Publisher: Viral Success Ltd