Silent Persuasion

  • by Audrey Nelson, Dawn Jones, Larry Iverson, Tony Alessandra
  • Narrated by Tony Alessandra, Larry Iverson, Dawn Jones, Audrey Nelson
  • 3 hrs and 20 mins
  • Speech

Publisher's Summary

Is there any part of your life where being confident and feeling good about yourself is not of benefit? With this program you can begin building an unshakable belief in yourself. Through using these highly refined strategies, you can start generating the beliefs and attitudes that are crucial to the mindset of success.

How to start feeling more poised, calm and confident.
Refine your ability to detach from negativity that drags you down
Know how to increase your positive focus so you feel happier and more motivated
Learn how to deepen your confidence in your ability to manage situations
Know how to disrupt the worry cycle and understand how to better quiet your mind
Learn ways to begin using your inner coach to keep
Psychologist, trainer and author Dr. Larry Iverson will guide you through this insightful journey, just as he has done with thousands. Using this powerful strategy you can begin taking control of your mind and life today! How you “come across” - with charisma, credibility, and clout - can supercharge your career and improve your social life. You can have a powerful effect on others simply by paying attention to your non-verbal communication. Learn how to develop these skills in this program, and you’ll actually be able to persuade others to take your position. How? Learn to evaluate your “look” for the impression it creates on others.

Posture, walk, movement, facial expressions, gestures;
Choose appropriate language for your intended purposes;
Engage your audience as you speak
Respond to questions with poise and confidence.
Did you know that sometimes you need to alter your body language based on the gender of your listener? Learn how to never make fatal mistakes when persuading the opposite sex.