The Beta Male Revolution

  • by Alan Roger Currie
  • Narrated by Alan Roger Currie
  • 7 hrs and 24 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

If there is one audiobook available that allows men and women to fully understand why deceitful, duplicitous, and highly manipulative members of the opposite sex cheat and commit adultery regularly, then this is it.
For male listeners, author and professional dating coach Alan Roger Currie goes into detail explaining the difference in the appeal of an Alpha male versus a Beta male in the eyes of women and how each type of man satisfies different needs for women.
For female listeners, Currie explains the psychological effects of Dr. Sigmund Freud's Madonna / Whore Complex, which explains why many men view some women as being appealing as a casual sex lover only while categorizing other women as 'good girls' who they would have no problem entering into a long-term romantic relationship with or possibly proposing marriage to.
Part One of the audiobook offers a brief history of why marriage became popular in the 18th century and how later the Victorian Era encouraged women to present themselves to men as sexually pure and ideal candidates for marriage. In Part Two, Currie describes the difference between those men and women who are appealing only for casual sex versus those who are more appealing for long-term relationships and marriage. And finally, in Part Three, Currie offers detailed descriptions of the 'harsh realities' and challenges facing men and women today and what the outlook is for the future of dating and monogamous marriages.
If you want an audiobook that feeds into "romantic fairy tales" and highly invalid dating advice, then this is not the audiobook for you.
On the other hand, if you want an audiobook that is full of blunt, real-world dating advice that will help both men and women fully understand the psychology and motivations of the opposite sex, then purchase The Beta Male Revolution audiobook immediately and be enlightened.


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Customer Reviews

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No Need to Stick to the Script

The main thing I got from this book is that you don't have to subscribe to the normal, straight, boring, vanilla life-script of: college, career, marriage, children. As women gain more rights, they are also gaining more power, which I've only ever seen as a good thing. Black people have gained rights too. As an ex-Knight (in shining armour) type, I was always at the defence of women, happy to advocate feminist views. I was the proverbial Captain Save a Howe, rescuing women from patriarchal alpha males that had no respect for women. However, I was very naive in my beliefs about women and Alan Roger Currie (ARC) in this book sets the record straight and brings home some hard truths which unfortunately I had to learn the hard way... through bitter-sweet experience. ARC predicts that there will be more and more men like us, waking up from the delusion that being a family orientated and faithful provider, being a loyal monogamous and dutiful husband, putting his wife and children first and being the best man you could possibly be, will end up in generous lavishing of gratitude and appreciation from our partners and spouses. Not so. I believed I was being good man, but I realise now that this was in many ways perceived as weak. Nice guys finish last while the strong confident no BS types of guys referred to as Alpha Males are the ones that are desired to fulfil most women's physical needs and fantasies. Thus the Beta Male Revolution is born. Men that have played by the rules of society, attempting to be great men in their families and communities, aiming to do right by their women and uphold the moral fabric of modern civilisation are in for a rude awakening. The author warns that many beta males are angry, but this can be directed in a good way. Alpha Males are happy with the way things are as they will always be desired and in high demand by women. Personally, I realised that whenever I'm in the Caribbean I feel alpha, I'm perceived as alpha and I live an envious lifestyle that the first-world beta version of me can only dream of when I touch-down back home. By transitioning to alpha males in our own societies and communities, many beta-trait males no longer have to be angry, bitter, confused and frustrated. With the support, mentoring and coaching of alpha male leaders such as Alan Roger Currie, all males with a strong desire for self-improvement and mastery can transition, graduate and upgrade to the type of authentic alpha males that satisfy women's psychological and physical desires as well as, importantly, their own.
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Great Insights

There were many great insights in this audiobook about what is going on behind the scenes in interpersonal relationships. Myself being someone who grew up as a beta male and used self-improvement to acquire many alpha traits, I can definitely relate to the dramatic shift in the way I saw women and the way they responded to me after I started to change my mindset.

The historical playthrough of the change in dynamics over time was very educational, and the description of causes of seemingly "out of nowhere" cheating that so often occurs provided a repair of my reality alarm clock and helped me to further wake up.

Having bought and listened to all of the previous Alan Roger Currie audiobooks, this one is arguably the most vital must-listen to for people of all backgrounds, young and old, before they naively jumping into a marriage or long term relationship.

One very minor criticism is that I would have liked there to be more anecdotes from third parties splashed in like what was present in "mode one" , as I feel it would have helped validate some topics further like it did there. (e.g like when the woman admitted how she secretly loves being approached mode one style but outwardly acts otherwise).

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- DeeTee

Book Details

  • Release Date: 26-07-2016
  • Publisher: Mode One Multimedia, Inc.