The Effortless Sleep Method

  • by Sasha Stephens
  • Narrated by Stevie Zimmerman
  • 4 hrs and 38 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Effortless Sleep Method is the approach insomniacs all over the world have been waiting for. This hugely effective method offers a simple and permanent solution for long-term and new insomniacs alike.
The Effortless Sleep Method gives you something no other insomnia book can: an entirely different way of looking at insomnia. The step-by-step insomnia recovery sleep program contained in this book doesn't just treat insomnia, it totally undermines it. This is not another dry as dust reference book written by a doctor, but a lively, empowering book which connects the sufferer intimately to one who has gone through the same pain.
Sasha Stephens suffered a full fifteen years with crippling, terrifying insomnia before a chance event enabled her to see the problem from an entirely new perspective. What came next was astonishing; fifteen years of insomnia had disappeared in the space of a few weeks. Following extensive research, Sasha created the Effortless Sleep Method, a step-by-step sleep training program which has now helped countless insomniacs to get their lives back. Sasha maintains that with a little honesty and commitment, anyone can cure their insomnia, no matter how severe. In this book, she will leave you open-mouthed with her understanding and insight into sleep problems. In a chatty, engaging manner, she will hold your hand through every step of your recovery, anticipating your feelings, your fears and your doubts. Sasha understands insomnia acutely, like only one who has suffered the horror of this affliction can.
The ability to sleep soundly, naturally and unaided is the desire of every chronic insomniac. This method will guide you to rediscovering your innate ability to sleep without pills, potions or external sleep aids. When The Effortless Sleep Method is followed properly, the results can be incredible. Many people report sleeping better than they have ever done. Now, anyone can have perfect sleep.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Don't obsess about not sleeping, it makes it worse

If you've just read the title of my review then I've summed up the main premise of the book for you in nine words!

Nothing here that doesn't become obvious if you can't sleep for a while. I didn't hear much I hadn't heard at some point before, or worked out for myself. Quite good in a reassuring way, to know that there isn't any quick fix I wasn't aware of and that It's a good thing not to worry about not sleeping if you can't, because people do try and make you feel you ought to be trying to do something about it...So it is reassuring that she's put into words some of what I was thinking anyway. Other things she said were only relevant to people who only have a problem sleeping, like only spending time in bed if you're sleeping; I don't agree with that, as, so long as you are resting, relaxing your body and getting the rest you require even if you aren't actually asleep; as long as you don't worry about it and think it doesn't matter(perhaps occupy your mind with a gentle audio book as I do), then it's okay and you're at rest even when you're not sleeping.

So some of what she said sounded quite amusing in some ways, it even sounded slightly crazy, as obviously if you obsess about not sleeping it's never going to help. Is she for real that it took her so long to work out that if you worry about not sleeping it makes it worse and perpetuates the cycle? I guess so or she wouldn't have written so much!

Narrator sounds good.
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- Katie

patronising and abrupt but helpful

wonderful! If you can tolerate and be understanding when the author is patronising and using manipulation and dominance towards the reader then this book is very helpful and effective. she just isn't an expert in communication or decency. Believe in yourself and commit to reading it all then judging it
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- Geoffrey o.

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-09-2014
  • Publisher: Sasha Stephens