The Truth About Love and Lies

  • by Greg Baer
  • Narrated by Greg Baer
  • 3 hrs and 12 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Chapter One - "The Truth About Unconditional Love"
Why real love is the one thing we need more than anything else in order to feel genuinely happy. What we use - imitation love - to temporarily dull the emptiness, fear, and pain of insufficient Real love in our lives The many ways we behave - getting and protecting behaviors - to fill our emptiness and to protect ourselves from more pain when we don't have enough real love. The simple and powerfully effective steps we can all take to find the real love that leads to genuine happiness and fulfilling relationships.
Chapter Two:
Part A: "The Truth About Anger"
Anger makes loving relationships and our own happiness impossible. Hear Greg talk about:
Why anger is not primarily a feeling, but actually a reaction to emptiness and fear. Why disappointment and anger are always selfish, destructive, and therefore "wrong". What we can to do eliminate anger, not just manage or control it.
Part B: "The Truth About Event, Judgment, Feeling Reaction"
As we interact with other people, many of us find ourselves doing the same old unproductive things, again and again. We lie, manipulate, get angry, control people, and feel dissatisfied. Greg discusses:
The profound effect of past experiences in determining the way we see - or judge - people and events in the present. How it's our judgment of any event in the present that determines our feelings about that event and our subsequent reactions to it. Why we seem to be locked into reacting to the people and things around us with behaviors that consistently bring unhappiness to ourselves and to others. What we can to do change our judgments, after which we're free to feel and react differently.
Chapter Three - "The Truth About Truth-Telling and Loving Groups"
Some of the practical things you can say as you begin to tell the truth about yourself. How to find the people capable of loving you. How to create loving groups where you will have opportunities to find and share real love.


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Part Way Joy!

I am Part Way through my Real Love Journey. I believe it never ends. I understand that there is always more to experience and learn. This book by Greg Baer, The Truth About Love and Lies, has been a catalyst for me, verifying, reminding, and helping me to acknowledge the truth about myself, my own sneaky getting and protecting behaviours, the reasons why I made the decisions that I did in my life, how to accept myself and to learn about giving Real Love to others. It has been a joy to read and I will recommend it to anyone who is at the beginning or middle of their Real Love journey. The statement I read in it, 'Feelings are a direct result of judgements that we make based on past experience' has had a profound effect on me. Beginning to understand the emotional hazard I have inflicted on myself and others because of the judgements I made about life when I was only young and thought I was entirely 'right' has been a complete revelation. This book has been a Joy for me to encapsulate what I have learned and have begun to put into practice so far. Trusting and feeling loved is the best experience in the universe. To be trusted and loving is the ultimate. I shall refer to and read this book over and over. It is a gem amongst Greg Baers writings.
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- Jeannie

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-03-2016
  • Publisher: Blue Ridge Press