Criminal Psychology

  • by Damien Woods, Criminal Psychology
  • Narrated by Michael Vealey
  • 0 hrs and 43 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Get Inside the Mind of a Vicious Serial Killer
Serial killers are a different breed of killer. They're people you know. People with families. They're often polite and cordial in public settings. They're often educated. And most times, they're just the guy-or girl-next door.
But deep beneath the polite and innocent looking exterior, lays a deranged sociopath that kills habitually-and without a shred of mercy or remorse.
Now, inside this book you'll gain a firsthand understanding of why serial killers do what they do. You'll discover the thought patterns, motives, and behavioral traits that set serial killers apart. You'll know the inner working of a serial killers mind, and what REALLY drives them to commit their horrendous acts.
This is unlike any other book on criminal psychology, as the content can get quite detailed and graphic. We're not here to make you feel good, only to share the real facts and theories associated with serial killer behavior.
When you're finished listening to this book you should understand a serial killer's world, the though process of a serial killer, and the background of a serial killer. Real life serial killers will be used as examples throughout this book as well.
Download this book today and also discover

The definition of a serial killer
What separates serial killers from other kinds of killers
The four subcategories of serial killers
Elaborate tactics serial killers use to ensnare their victims
How serial killers are never what you'd expect
A list of serial killers along with their crimes, motives, and personal lives detailed
Belle Gunness, the famous man killer who was never found
The theory of organized and disorganized serial killers
The category of missionary killers
Children who are serial killers!?!
The surefire sign that reveals if one will grow up to be a serial killer


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Customer Reviews

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In the beginning the book does say something along the lines of "this hasn't been written by professionals, don't sue us, if you carry out any action as described in this book we will not be held accountable" ...when I heard this strange legal disclaimer I swiftly assumed there was probably going to be a lack of genuine scientific insight but I listened all the same. It is interesting and did hold my attention, although it's 45 minutes long, should do. It was a pleasant 'read' but nothing ground breaking or new. One thing I wasn't impressed about though is how an author can write a psychology book and have 5 citations; couple from a blog, Reuters news, one a biography website and the last one.....Wikipedia....seriously, Wikipedia. No peer reviewed scientific journals what so ever, minimal effort made really. Just....Wikipedia?! I don't know if I'm more irked that the author used Wikipedia or that the author thought it was okay to tell us he had used Wikipedia. May as well have not bothered listing the citations in all honesty.
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- Ami

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-03-2017
  • Publisher: SD Publishing