Kansas Evolution Hearings

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A subcommittee of the Kansas Board of Education holds hearings on whether the state's science curriculum should permit alternate theories to be taught alongside evolution. During the first three days of hearings, proponents of intelligent design present their views. They are represented by a retired lawyer, John Calvert, who heads the Intelligent Design Network of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. The witnesses are questioned by the members of the subcommittee and by attorney Pedro Irigonegaray, who supports the teaching of evolution.


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A snapshot of our time

I listened to all the Hearings which are available and though they may not be riveting, they show how some poor misguided well meaning school board members in the state of Kansas wasted millions of dollars in tax payers money trying to find holes in evolution theory while in the shadows the intelligent design movement pulled the strings. It's a shocking example of our time when non-scientific pressure groups are able to gain so much support for what is obviously neo-creationism. Some of the speakers gave interesting evidence against evolution theory, which after all, along with quantum theory, string theory and many other theories, is only an attempt to explain something in theoretical terms. The trap the board of directors fell into was being convinced that because there was some evidence against evolution theory that they should scap it from the curriculum, or open up classes to alternative theories which do not have any backing in the scientific community, such as intelligent design. A scientific theory is held to be true until some other theory which appears to explain the phenomenon better comes along and is widely accepted in the scientific community. I wonder if the Kansas Board would be willing to apply their same logic to their Bible Studies lessons. I actually felt sorry for some of the witnesses bought to testify as some appeared to have personal issues which affected their judgement whilst others were just plain crazy. When a so called scientist argues that evolution theory is not scientifically provable and at the same time believes the Earth is 10,000 years old while a mass of evidence speaks the contrary, you don't know whether to laugh or cry. It is a shame that American kids are caught between this game played by adults. I would love to see someone put religion to the same scrutiny and have it removed from the school curriculum.
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Open your mind - if you dare

As a long standing member of audible.com and an having an avid interest in this subject I listened to this series from start to finish. In a nutshell, if you listen to this series without having any prejudices and are prepared to be challenged about something we are all 'just expected' to take for granted that evolution is 'just so' then you may find yourself feeling not so sure afterwards. While it may be easy to dismiss this subject by merely looking at the title, as many people may do, it will be well worth your time listening to the whole thing, especially day 4.
I was hugely disappointed that the pro-evolution side never came to the party, especially when their side is so 'factually strong'. One is immediately left asking; if that WAS the case then why didn't they show. The answer lies in the people they would have been up against. These were scientific and intellectual heavy weights, one of who invented the gene gun. Listening to some of their arguments, I then knew why the pro Darwinist's went with the safe route. I used to believe blindly in evolution and this series is just one of many entities that has convinced me that I need more than just blind faith to believe something is scientific when much of it is clearly not.
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- Mark

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  • Release Date: 06-05-2005
  • Publisher: Kansas Board of Education