Mindless Eating

  • by Brian Wansink Ph.D.
  • Narrated by Marc Cashman
  • 6 hrs and 26 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In this illuminating and groundbreaking new book, food psychologist Brian Wansink shows why you may not realize how much you're eating, what you're eating, or why you're even eating at all.

Does food with a brand name really taste better?
Do you hate brussels sprouts because your mother did?
Does the size of your plate determine how hungry you feel?
How much would you eat if your soup bowl secretly refilled itself?
What does your favorite comfort food really say about you?
Why do you overeat so much at healthy restaurants?
Brian Wansink is a Stanford Ph.D. and the director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab. He's spent a lifetime studying what we don't notice: the hidden cues that determine how much and why people eat. Using ingenious, fun, and sometimes downright fiendishly clever experiments, like the "bottomless soup bowl", Wansink takes us on a fascinating tour of the secret dynamics behind our dietary habits. How does packaging influence how much we eat? Which movies make us eat faster? How does music or the color of the room influence how much we eat? How can we recognize the "hidden persuaders" used by restaurants and supermarkets to get us to mindlessly eat? What are the real reasons most diets are doomed to fail? And how can we use the "mindless margin" to lose, instead of gain, 10 to 20 pounds in the coming year?
Mindless Eating will change the way you look at food, and it will give you the facts you need to easily make smarter, healthier, more mindful, and enjoyable choices at the dinner table, in the supermarket, in restaurants, at the office, and even at a vending machine - wherever you decide to satisfy your appetite.


What the Critics Say

"Entertaining...Isn't so much a diet book as a how-to on better facilitating the interaction between the feed-me messages of our stomachs and the controls in our heads." ( Publishers Weekly)


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Customer Reviews

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anyone got the munchies...?

An excellent book - not a diet book in the usual sense of the word, but then I wasn't looking for a diet book. However, if you are looking for the answers as to why you reach for that second/third/fourth (delete as appropriate) biscuit then maybe this book can provide a little enlightenment. There are definitely parts of the book when you will think to yourself ''it seems so obvious now that its been explained!'' and if anyone offers you free snacks on the way into the cinema in future you will certainly think twice about the motivation. Anyhow just to conclude, the content is interesting and the narrative engaging, so if your looking for something a bit different to your usual listen, then try this book.
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Some proper science and simple help

Great book. Finally a sensible approach to eating and a proper scientific insight in to what motivates us to eat.

Forget about every fad diet you've ever been on, this all makes good proper scientific sense and should work. As the author states this is not a diet book but if you listen and take it in you will no doubt understand what drives you to eat and lose weight very gently and slowly which is the only successful way.

I recommend this to anyone who is interested in proper weight loss and not just trying to get down two dress sizes for a holiday or wedding. It is also a valuable read to anyone working in health care as the information in this can help you understand why we all struggle with weight loss so much and give people some clear science based guidance.
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- Clayshaw

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-10-2006
  • Publisher: Books on Tape